A Health Tech Startup Raised 50 Crore Led by Elevar Equity

    A Series A fundraising round headed by Elevar Equity secured Rs 50 crore for CureBay, an innovative health tech startup based in Odisha that aims to provide high-quality and inexpensive treatment to neglected individuals in rural India. With ambitions to open 100 eClinics in the upcoming 12 months, the money will go into hiring qualified personnel, growing into new areas, and enhancing the technology platform and service delivery strategy.

    Curebay – An Affordable Health Tech Startup

    Finding affordable access to primary healthcare is a big issue for most rural India. By utilising technology and a network of eClinics that make high-quality health services available to people in small towns and villages.

    CureBay, founded in 2021 by Priyadarshi Mohapatra, Sanjay Swain, and Shobhan Mahapatra, enables the last-mile delivery of healthcare services. It employs a hybrid strategy to schedule appointments, provide teleconsultations, supply medications, attend to patients’ diagnostic needs, and permit admission for tertiary care at partner institutions by employing a transparent booking system and concierge services.

    What is the Current Number of Operational Eclinics?

    CureBay currently operates 15 eClinics in various rural districts and villages around Odisha, and it has aided over 10,000 patients in places with few quick medical facilities.

    What is the Startup Head State Regarding the Fundraising?

    To deliver health outcomes to patients across the nation, the healthcare ecosystem needs a cutting-edge paradigm that enables real-time collaboration. The difficulties presented by lopsided patient-provider ratios and the concentration of providers in a few urban regions are overcome thanks to our hybrid model.

    At Elevar Equity, they’ve always believed that platforms for rural healthcare ought to be created explicitly for this market. Millions of customers are eager to pay for high-quality health care startups in medically disadvantaged areas. CureBay’s distribution strategy with supported technology is well-positioned to fill this gap.


    Since its beginning, CureBay has developed a solid fulfilling model that uses a complete tech stack to link patients in underdeveloped markets with healthcare providers. At eClinics, the business’s skilled healthcare professionals help walk-in patients arrange video consultations with city-based doctors. Doctors can make high-quality diagnoses comparable to in-person consultations because of its technology, which gives them access to detailed and distinctive patient records. Patients also have the option of having their prescription medications delivered straight to them through the eClinics and a network of accredited partner hospitals and labs for specialist care. Curebay, the health tech startup, is dedicated to transforming access to primary healthcare in rural India using freshly raised funds.

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