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    A List of Stock Market Holidays in India for 2023

    It’s best to prepare our year planner before beginning our personal and professional lives in 2023. The list of holidays is the most crucial part of a year’s calendar. Like every other industry, the stock market has holidays. Investors need to know the days the market will be closed to plan their actions and investments. The complete set of stock market holidays in India for 2023 can be found in this article.

    Holidays for Bse and Nse in 2023

    The two stock exchanges in India are BSE and NSE. The Bombay Stock Exchange, or BSE, was established in 1875; in contrast, the National Stock Exchange, or NSE, was established in 1992. BSE is considerably superior to NSE even in trading because it has access to many equities. However, shares may be listed concurrently on each of these exchanges or on any of them.

    These two stock exchanges ran smoothly even at their busiest during the COVID-19 epidemic. The stock market is only open from Monday through Friday; it is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition to the weekend holidays for stock market also observe a standard set of holidays.

    India has many different states, languages, and faiths; hence Indian stock market holidays have a complicated holiday system. As a result, a single list of holidays is inapplicable to all the various business sectors. As a result, the stock market holidays have a set of customaries modified annually.

    Here are the 2023 Stock Market Holidays in India

    There will only be one stock market holiday in January 2023, compared to two in 2022, but there won’t be any trade holidays in February. Trading at the BSE and NSE will remain halted on January 26 in observance of Republic Day across the country. The following stock market holiday, Republic Day, will occur in March. Trading in the equity, equity alternative, and SLB segments will be suspended on Tuesday, March 7.

    As there will be three trading holidays in April 2023, April will see the most stock market holidays in India. Equity trading will be suspended on April 4, 2023, in observance of Mahavir Jayanti. There will also be two further stock market holidays in April 2023 on April 07, 2023 (Good Friday), and April 14, 2023. (Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti).

    One stock market holiday has been set in the months of May and June 20223. On May 1, 2023, trading at the BSE and NSE will be suspended in observance of Maharashtra Day, while on June 28, 2023, trading in the equity, equity derivative, and SLB segments will be closed in observance of Bakri Id.

    While one holiday will fall in each of August and September 2023, no stock market holiday is announced for July 2023. Equity trading in India will be suspended on August 15, 2023, in observance of Independence Day, while NSE and BSE trading will be suspended on September 19, 2023, in observance of Ganesh Chaturthi.

    Two stock market closures have been set for October and November. Those are Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October) and Dussehra (24th October).

    There are two stock market holidays in October 2023: Gurunanak Jayanti (14 November) and Diwali Balipratipada (27th November). The final trading day off in 2022 will be on December 25 in observance of Christmas

    Final Words

    Consequently, no stock market holidays in India will take place in February or July of 2023, but a maximum of three holidays will take place in April. There are two stock market holidays in March, October, and November, there are two stock market holidays.

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