How to Change Chat Theme in Instagram

    In this digitalized era, Instagram is one of the dominating platforms in social media. It has been analyzed that in July 2021, India is the leading country in the context of sustaining the largest number of Instagram users which is approximately 180 million. Almost 90% of individuals in India currently are utilizing Instagram as one of their favorite chatting and photo-sharing apps. Two years ago, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion. In 2020, Instagram generated about $24 billion in revenue and it was 36.9% of the total revenue generated by Facebook. Every passing year the number of Instagram users are increasing rapidly which has made this social media application one of the most utilized chatting and photo-sharing app.

    Key Features of Instagram

    One of the main reasons for which the number of users of Instagram is increasing is the wide range of features provided by the application for its users. Along with photo sharing and chatting, Instagram provides many other additional features which attracted a wide range of audiences all over the world. In addition, in this competitive era, Instagram has become one of the main social media platforms for marketers and brand ambassadors. Because of its wide range of features and specifications for the business profiles, it is a perfect marketing place for start-up businesses and also for any organization. Key features which mainly attract the users are listed below.

    • Instagram live video
    • Video calling
    • IGTV for uploading longer videos
    • Status uploading through the option of stories uploading
    • Tagging your closed ones to specific posts and stories
    • The utilization of @ and # which automatically turns into hyperlinked and increases followers and attract similar audiences based on the relevant content

    All these are a few main features provided by Instagram which can be utilized by individuals and make their profile more attractive. All these features also have several other additional attractive options which makes it more fun to use Instagram. For instance, while uploading stories, users will get a wide range of fun stickers which they can add to their photos and short videos, users can use various attractive filters for their photos which make the images more fun and attractive. Instagram has more attractive features for its chatting option.

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    Instagram Chatting Features

    Instagram chat has a wide range of features and fun options for the uses which have made it more attractive and user-friendly. A few key features of Instagram chat are animated message effects, a wide range of stickers and GIFs, message controls, and attractive chat themes for Instagram wallpaper. Key Instagram chat features are listed below.

    Vanish Mode

    It is one of the new chat features introduced by Instagram. If a user sees a message sent by another user, it will be visible in the chat that the massage has been seen, which means another person has to reply or it will be rude. But now any user will be able to switch to vanish mode where seen messages will be disappeared and can reply as per their convenience by turning off the vanish mode.

    Voice Messages

    Initially, there was no option for voice messages in Instagram chatting. Where, on the other hand, another major competitor of Instagram in chatting, WhatsApp has this option. And this made WhatsApp a more convenient chatting app compared to Instagram. But now, Instagram has also introduced a voice massaging option, through which users can send a voice message just with a click when they are busy.

    Message Controls

    One of the main issues of social media platforms is disturbance from unknown users and harassment. Therefore, Instagram has introduced an option for message control through which users will be able to decide who can message them directly, and who cannot.

    Improved Blocking and Reporting Updates

    With his new feature, users will be able to report a single message or a full conversation as per their needs. And this feature will also provide proactive suggestions for blocking.

    Emoji Reaction To Messages

    Just like react option for Facebook posts, now Instagram users will also get an option for emoji reactions for messages. It is a fun way to express how an individual feels about any particular message in a whole conversation. And one of the main attractive factors regarding this feature is that users can add as many emojis as they want as per their requirements. It is not limited to four to five emojis.

    Customized Chat Themes

    Another most attractive feature of Instagram chat. The option of Instagram chat theme enables users to change Instagram wallpaper as a chat theme. It has a wide range of attractive options for chat themes and Instagram keeps adding new chat themes as per the trends in social media and the demand of the users. It makes the look of the Instagram chat more colorful, fun, and nice looking.

    The Steps of Changing the Instagram Chat Theme

    The process of changing chat themes on Instagram is quite easy. Here is the step-by-step instruction regarding how to change the chat theme on Instagram.

    1. Open any chat for which you want to change the chat theme
    2. Then click on the ‘i’ circle symbol [ⓘ] on the top of the right-hand side
    3. Then it will take you to another page where you will get an option named ‘Theme’ under chat settings
    4. Click on Themes
    5. It will provide a wide range of customized options for the theme, click on any theme that you like
    6. Then it will change the theme of the Instagram chat

    However, it will only change the chat theme of a particular chat through which the user has changed the chat theme. It is a quite convenient option for the users because it does not change the chat theme for every chat. Users can use different chat themes for different chats as per their choices. With each update of the application, new chat themes are added by Instagram as per the new trends and demand.

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