A Useful Guide on Using Facial Oil to Get Glowing Skin

    Cosmetic business offers a wide range of products, each claiming to be the secret to a perfect complexion in the quest for healthy, youthful skin. Facial oil has been popular among them as a skincare trend, loved for its capacity to hydrate, nourish, and impart a natural glow. But the most common question is, when is the ideal time to use facial oil in your skincare routine?

    More about Facial Oils

    Facial oil is a concentrated liquid that frequently comes from plant-based sources. It mainly contains vital fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. These organic nutrients feed and revitalise the skin, fostering a radiant complexion. Contrary to popular belief, facial oils can be beneficial for all skin types, even oily and acne-prone skin. Knowing which oil to use and how to work it into your beauty regimen is the secret.

    Choosing the Best Facial Oil

    Choosing the right facial oil is essential to receive its benefits without experiencing any adverse effects. The market provides various oils, each designed to address particular skin issues. Here are some well-liked face oils and some of their advantages:

    • Jojoba Oil

    Benefits: Moisturises without blocking pores and regulates oil production.

    When to Use It: Daily use is recommended, particularly for people with oily or mixed skin.

    • Rosehip Oil

    Benefits: Rich in vitamins A and C, it encourages skin renewal and lessens the visibility of scars.

    When to Use: The best time to apply is in the evening so the skin can absorb the nutrients overnight.

    • Argan Oil

    Benefits: Rich in antioxidants, it moisturises and nourishes the skin.

    When to Use: Depending on personal preferences and skin needs, either day or night.

    • Coconut Oil

    Benefits: It is extremely hydrating while being lightweight and quickly absorbing.

    When to Use: Depending on your skin’s moisture demands, this product is appropriate for morning and evening use.

    • Tea Tree Oil

    Benefits: Antimicrobial characteristics make it perfect for skin prone to acne.

    When to Use: For best results, apply directly to blemishes or mix with a carrier oil for broader use.

    Knowing What Your Skin Needs

    Understanding your skin’s specific needs is essential before getting into the specifics of when to apply face oil. The best skincare regimen depends on various factors, including skin problems, weather, and lifestyle choices. For instance, people with naturally oily skin may choose lighter oils and use them less frequently, whereas people who live in dry areas may find that their skin benefits from more frequent use of facial oil.

    When to Use Facial Oil?

    Consider a few aspects beforehand if you wish to know when to use facial oil. Nevertheless, different schedule suits different individuals. Read on to explore the proper schedule for you.

    • Morning Schedule

    Your skin has just finished a night of rejuvenation when you wake up. Applying face oil in the morning aids in locking in moisture and offers protection all day.

    Apply a few drops of the face oil of your choice after cleaning and toning. Before applying sunscreen and cosmetics, give it some time to soak.

    • Evening Schedule

    A rigorous skincare routine is best performed in the evening. When you apply face oil at night, your skin can absorb the nutrients while sleeping.

    Apply the face oil before or after your moisturiser, depending on your preference, after cleaning and toning. This additional layer of hydration replenishes the skin’s moisture levels throughout the night.

    Use Facial Oil as a Booster

    You can use facial oils to supplement your current skincare regimen. Mix a few drops of face oil with your moisturiser or foundation for an even more nutritious and radiant finish.

    Use it for Targeted Therapy

    Use facial oil to treat specific skin issues like dry areas or fine wrinkles. Apply a tiny amount for additional hydration and rejuvenation to the trouble spots.


    When appropriately applied, facial oil may revolutionise your skincare regimen and help you achieve a glowing, healthy complexion. You must know when to use face oil to get the most out of face oil. Facial oils can improve your skincare routine, whether added to your morning routine for daytime protection or as an intensive treatment in the evening. So, apply face oil wisely to embrace the power of botanical goodness and discover the secrets to radiant, nourished skin.

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