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    All You Need To Know About Google Pixel Features

    The Google Pixel is a phone by Google that combines the hardware of an Android device with the software of a Nexus device. The Pixel phone is a premium phone with a $649 to $799, and it’s one of the world’s first phones designed by Google. The Google Pixel is currently available in two colors – Quite Black and Very Silver. The display size on the Google Pixel is 5 inches, which makes it slightly bigger than other phones at 4.7 inches. It has an aluminum body and was manufactured by HTC. It is the first flagship device to have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which means it has exceptional battery life at 2160 mAh with Android Nougat 7.1. It also features the latest Google Assistant, which makes it more intelligent than competitors like Samsung Galaxy S7 or Apple iPhone SE in specific ways. The company recently announced that their new Pixel 2 would have an exclusive voice-activated assistant called “Pixel Buds,” which you can use to answer calls, listen to media, translate languages, and talk to your Assistant as well express yourself via intuitive controls and sleek design. 

    • Easy automation 

    Most of the available androids in the market do not have advanced automation opportunities. But Google, with its expertise and rule system, has included easy automation in the android phone. Your Pixel phone will become more intelligent without any external effort with this feature. 

    • Smarter storage scrubbing 

    It is a hassle-free system that helps you monitor your phone’s local storage and then eliminate the copies of videos and images you have already uploaded to Google Photos. It is one of the great automation features of the phone. 

    • Intelligent image extracting 

    The overview interface of your Pixel phone has the hidden capability to extract an image practically from anywhere. Now you can snag an image from a website or a text message or from anywhere you wish to with the Overview interface feature. 

    • Simpler screenshots 

    Inside the Overview interface option, Pixel will give you a simple option for screenshots by which, just with one click, you will be able to do a screen record or take a quick screenshot. However, your android has to be Android 11 or higher for this feature to work. And, to use this feature, you don’t need to open the option by going through multiple options because the option will always be available on your screen. 

    • East Screen Wake-up

    One of the fantastic features of the Pixel phone lock screen is that it just by two taps on the screen. The phone will wake up—no need to take up your phone and click on the side buttons. 

    • Text extraction 

    Pixel has this fantastic feature enabling you to copy text practically from anywhere, even from where you cannot even imagine. Like, feeds in social media, sections of system settings, and many more. 

    You can see from above discussion that Google Pixel phone comes with many features that make this quite unique. It will surely be a great option for you.

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