All You Wanted to Know about Adani Power Share Price Target

    What will be the future stock percentage of Adani Power?

    Investing in Adani Power Limited could be a fruitful choice if you seek stocks yielding favourable returns. As of April 26, 2023, the Adani Power Limited stock is valued at 205.750 INR. According to our predictions, long-term growth is anticipated, with the estimated stock price for Adani Power Ltd on April 21, 2028, being 671.920 INR. Read on to know more on Adani Power share price.

    What will be the Outlook for Adani Power’s Stock in 2025?

    Adani Power 1st Share Price Targets (₹) – 850

    Adani Power 2nd Share Price Targets (₹) – 930

    Is Adani Power Overvalued?

    The stock appears overvalued when comparing Adani Power Ltd’s current key valuation ratios to its historical values.

    Can I buy Adani Power share?

    Effortlessly purchase Adani Power shares on Groww by setting up a demat account and completing the online KYC document verification process.

    Will Adani Power continue to grow?

    As India’s largest private thermal power producer, Adani Power boasts a power generation capacity of over 16,850 MW, with 1,600 MW currently under construction and slated for completion by 2028.

    Which Adani stock is suitable for the long term?

    Adani Wilmar stock price: Long-term investors may consider Adani Ports and Adani Wilmar for their portfolios.

    Adani Power Share Price Target 2030

    Adani Power’s share price is forecasted to achieve a target of 993.130 rupees by 2030 and rise to 1088.191 rupees in subsequent years. Investors can anticipate appealing returns from these optimistic projections as the company’s business expands. You must know more about share price of Adani Power.

    Can I hold Adani Power Share?

    Indeed, Adani Power shares must be traded in demat form, although retaining the shares in their physical format is still possible. Know about Adani Power share price BSE.

    What is the strength of Adani Power?

    In Khodiyar, Ahmedabad, Adani Power is a private thermal power producer with a 12,450 MW capacity. The company also operates a 40 MW mega solar plant in Naliya, Bitta, Kutch, Gujarat. Additionally, Adani Godda Power is in the process of establishing a 1,600 MW plant in Jharkhand. It is essential to have right information about Adani Power share price NSE.


    If you have sufficient information and knowledge about Adani Power, then you can proceed to buy their share. You will thus be able to make substantial profits from trading Adani Power shares. Keep exploring about Adani Power share price.

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