Aman Gupta Net Worth, Biography, Career: Know Everything About him

    He is a well-known Indian businessman and a founding member of BOAT. He is frequently compared to the sharks from Shark Tank India. Aman Gupta has a net worth of 700 crore ruppes. You should read the complete article if you’re interested in learning more about Aman Gupta net worth.

    Who is Aman Gupta?

    Despite multiple business setbacks, Boat company owner Aman Gupta persevered and founded a start-up that is now the top pick for young people around the country. His audio-electronic brand BOAT ascended to the top of the worldwide brand rankings. The business has grown tremendously, and currently controls 48% of the market in this industry. As of 2022, Aman Gupta age is 40.

    Aman Gupta Net Worth

    Boat founder Aman Gupta, the judge of Shark Tank India, has gained more notoriety as the program’s popularity has grown. They weren’t well-known characters before Sony TV broadcast of the show, even though individuals from all over the world regularly used their goods and services. On Shark Tank India, an Indian adaptation of the American business reality show, aspiring entrepreneurs present their innovative business ideas to the judges hoping to be awarded funding. Overall, Boat net worth 700 crores.

    For the first time in India, there are seven sharks (investors) on the show who are also business owners in various sectors. One of the prominent sharks on the programme is Aman Gupta. He is a co-founder and the organisation’s chief marketing officer. Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited is the owner of Boat brand of audio consumer goods. Aman Gupta net worth is truly staggering considering he founded Boat in 2016.

    Initial Years

    Aman Gupta is known as the co-founder and chief marketing officer. Approximately 700 crores of rupees are the firm’s net worth. He graduated with a degree in his early years and pursued his CA degree at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. After getting his CA, he worked at Citibank as an assistant manager for over two years.

    After that, he wanted to make a big contribution, so he and his father formed Advanced Telemedia Private Limited. He was not content with the company and pursued other ventures. Eventually he ended up working at numerous other companies.

    Boat and Aman         

    November 2013 was the month that Aman and Sameer Ashok Mehta founded Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited. The organisation owns the name of the Boat. Besides co-founding the company, Aman serves as its chief marketing officer. The boat is a millennial-targeted company that provides consumer audio products such as amplifiers, earphones, smartwatch, headsets, and gadgets. It has quickly garnered a lot of popularity and is now ranked in the top five wearable brands. In the industry, Aman Gupta has been able to carve out a niche for himself due to his persistence and ability to learn from mistakes. Aman Gupta net worth of 10,500 crores, according to GQ India.

    Boat is growing very fast these days. It is expected to become even a bigger company in coming years. So it is obvious that Aman Gupta net worth will increase more in accordance with that.

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