More (apna khata Rajasthan 2023) is the official website of the apna khata Rajasthan service. It is a digital initiative by the Government of Rajasthan, India, to provide landowners easy access to their land records.

    On this site, landowners in Rajasthan can access important information about their land. It includes the Khata (Account), Khasra (Harvest), and Jamabandi (Record of Rights). The records can be viewed online, downloaded, or printed directly from the website.

    To access their records (login), users need to:

    1. Visit the official apna khata Rajasthan website:
    2. From the provided map, select your district.
    3. Choose the appropriate tehsil (administrative division) and village.
    4. You will then be required to enter either your account number or name.
    5. After providing the necessary information, click on the relevant button to view your land records.

    This process allows landowners to access their records without needing to remember a username and password.

    This digital initiative by the Rajasthan government significantly simplifies land record management. Moreover, it also simplifies things like promoting transparency, and reducing the potential for fraudulent land transactions.

    apna khata Rajasthan

    apna khata Rajasthan” is a web-based land records system introduced by the Government of Rajasthan in India. The phrase “Apna Khata” translates to “My Account” in English. This digital initiative is part of the government’s effort to increase transparency and efficiency in land record management.

    The system allows landowners in Rajasthan to access up-to-date information about their land records online, including the Khata (Account), Khasra (Harvest) and Jamabandi (Record of Rights). Users can also download their RoR (Record of Rights) online from the portal.


    The primary objectives of the apna khata rajasthan initiative are:

    The apna khata Rajasthan initiative aims to modernize and streamline the process of accessing and managing land records in the state. Its primary objectives include:

    1. Ease of Access:

    By digitizing land records and making them available online, the initiative allows landowners to conveniently access their records from anywhere, anytime. This eliminates the need for landowners to visit government offices or navigate through bureaucratic procedures, thereby saving time and effort.

    2. Transparency:

    By making land records publicly accessible, the initiative enhances transparency in land transactions and ownership. This can help reduce disputes and fraudulent activities related to land ownership and transactions.

    3. Efficiency:

    Digitizing land records can improve the efficiency of record management. It enables faster updates and retrieval of records, reducing the workload of government officials and ensuring that landowners have access to the most up-to-date information.

    4. Dispute Resolution:

    By providing accurate and easily accessible land records, the initiative can aid in faster resolution of land-related disputes.

    5. Promotion of Digital India:

    The initiative aligns with the broader objective of the Digital India program, which aims to digitally empower citizens and offer government services electronically.

    Through the apna khata Rajasthan initiative, the government aims to ensure that landowners can manage their land records in a hassle-free and efficient manner.

    To access their records, landowners need to visit the Apna Khata Rajasthan website and select their district and tehsil (an administrative division in some countries of South Asia). They then need to select their village and enter their account number or name. After submitting these details, they can view their land records and also download or print them if required.

    The apna khata Rajasthan initiative is a significant step towards digitization and modernization of land record management in Rajasthan, making it easier and more convenient for landowners to access and manage their land records.

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