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    5 Benefits of Interacting with Your Community in a Coworking Space

    Coworking spaces are the hub for community-based workspaces and purposeful collaboration in the workplace. It’s the hub for community-based workspaces and purposeful collaboration in the workplace. In recent years office space for rent has increased exponentially, and community engagement is one of the fundamental reasons for it.

    The primary purpose of a plug-and-play office space is to promote cooperation, innovation, sharing ideas, networking, mentorship, and the creation of new business prospects. Especially when many companies from different industry verticals work out of the same office space. Thus, there is a better chance of making significant relationships and interactions with community professionals with similar interests and objectives in a fully furnished office space. 

    Benefits of community building inside coworking space

    Below we have mentioned some of the significant benefits of interaction with your community:

    1. Specially curated experiences

    Coworking space sets them apart from traditional offices by organizing events and activities for the members. Most members in this workspace sign up to avoid work isolation from home culture. However, the plug-and-play office space providers offer various events and team-building activities such as speaker sessions, workshops, and festival celebrations. A coworking space creates a social network that includes professionals outside their comfort zone. Through this approach, the people who avoid socializing can engage with similar or other interests. This enables the employees to get to know each other better outside their projects or work sphere.

    2. Increased level of productivity

    One of the significant benefits of a managed office is that it gets you away from a cramped or noisy coffee shop with an unprofessional ambiance to the hub of creativity. Instead of working from home or crowded coffee shop, the coworking space helps you elevate your professional engagement level with other people.

    3. Creativity and innovation

    The employees can communicate via digital platforms, but idea generation in person is less impactful. Employees who work together in shared office space build credibility and trust. Informal communication leads to a better understanding of ideas; if there is confusion, it will be sorted out in no time. This in-person brainstorming will add the benefits to spark the light of innovation.

    4. Broadening your horizon

    The coworking space will help you contact a broader group of people who might otherwise not have access to the coworking space. Follow the discipline of the community regarding behaviour acceptable to everyone. You can share your space with someone from a different culture or industry. These approaches will teach you how to solve problems and generate ideas. Respecting other people is essential for a comfortable coworking space.

    5. Promoting sharing culture

    Sharing is an internal part of community building, and shared office spaces are proof of this. However, a membership-based workspace is created based on shared work culture. Some amenities are shared, such as a water dispenser, tea/ coffee, microwave, refrigerator, housekeeping, security, breakout zone where indoor games can be played, maintenance staff, etc. In a coworking space, the members share resources, knowledge, and skills. The space will hold professional development skill shares, where the coworkers provide their expertise.

    Build and engage with a vibrant and thriving coworking community with iKeva

    A coworking space in Mumbai is not just about finding a room and placing furniture and people together. But it is an office space that helps the employees build trust and create a team spirit. The creation of a coworking space enables you to perform work efficiently. iKeva is a reputed workspace provider with community and member benefits that helps you to instill a sense of community into your team and engage with a vibrant community. With office space in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, you can indeed have a thriving community to interact with.

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