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    Best Lucky Plants To Keep At Your Home

    Lucky plants are not your traditional house plants. They are known for providing positivity in the home. Plants can also provide a person with higher levels of energy and reduce stress levels. Some plants, like the aloe plant, can even help someone who is feeling under the weather. The best place to place lucky plants is in your bedroom or anywhere near your TV or living room because these are places that you spend more time in. You can put them on a table or on some shelves to make it easier for them to get enough light so they can grow stronger and better looking over time. 

    They are believed to bring luck to the home. These plants are usually associated with Feng Shui principles, which emphasize the importance of balance and harmony in one’s living space. There is a big variety of lucky plants, but the most common ones are bamboo, money tree, jade plant, dracaena and peace lily. Each plant holds its own significance when it comes to bringing the best of good fortune into your home. It is believed that a money tree helps family members become wealthier when it is placed in the living room or office space. The jade plant will help you attain wisdom and knowledge while dracaena helps you live a long life.

    Lucky Plants in Front of the House 

    • Jasmine 

    Jasmine is known as a plant that brings positivity and good luck to any relationship. It has a mild fragrance. This sweet smell of Jasmine works as a therapeutic element that is good for mental health. It promotes positivity and reduces negative energy from the environment. It is also considered one of the most effective Feng Shui houseplants. The main efficiency of this plant is associated with the improvement of relationships. It is good for individuals who are trying to improve their romantic relationships. Jasmine plat should be planted outside of the home, where individuals usually enjoy spending leisure time. 

    • Morning Glory

    It is another one of the effective Feng Shui houseplants that are known to be good for bringing harmony, peace and happiness. It is an excellent plant to be used as a home décor plant. Also, it is necessary to have this plant outside of your house because one of the main requirements to grow this plant is to have sufficient sunlight. With bright sunlight, it will grow beautifully and also Morning Glory has several benefits. Along with bringing harmony, peace and happiness, this plant has several other benefits. It is believed that putting the seeds of Morning Glory under the pillow chases away nightmares and promotes peaceful sleep. 

    • Citrus Tree

    According to Feng Shui, it is believed that the citrus tree brings good fortune and luck. There is various citrus tree available that can be planted outside of your homes such as lime, lemon or orange tree. It is important to have this plant outside of your house because one of the main requirements to grow this plant is to have sufficient sunlight. Also, another factor that needs to be considered highly when planting a citrus tree is that planting it near the wealth area. It means to bring good luck and fortune; it is important to have this plant near where you store your wealth at home. 

    • Sage 

    It is one of the most famous plants which has been utilized for a long time for good luck and keeping negative energy away. You will find the mention of Sage in many mythological periodic stories. Sage is mainly utilized for keeping bad influences away. It is believed that burning sage has the capability to get rid of evil spirits. Individuals who believe in spiritual existence, strongly believe in the power of Sage. 

    Lucky Plants Indoor

    • Money Plant

    These days, one of the most common lucky plants is money plat. In most of the houses, it can be easily found. According to Feng Shui, it is believed that this plant needs to be planted indoors and in the southeast direction. It helps to promote a healthy environment and peace. One of the main advantages is that it helps to attract wealth

    • Tulsi or Basil

    In Hindu households, the Tulsi plant is considered one of the most important plants which are almost necessary to keep in their house. It has both mythological and scientific significance. In the context of mythology, Tulsi is highly associated with Hindu Lord Vishnu. Therefore, in most Hindu households, individuals worship this plant which is also a significant part of their culture. It is believed that it keeps negative energy away and by growing this plant they will have the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Additionally, Tulsi also has other benefits such as it is a very effective element for the treatment of colds and coughs. It kills bacteria, purifies circulatory and digestive systems as well as eliminate toxins from the blood. 

    • Lucky Bamboo 

    Another Feng Shui recommended lucky plant for your house is lucky bamboo. Lucky bamboo works as a natural air purifier. It helps to sustain a clean environment for the household which automatically reinforces peace and positive energy. Lucky bamboo is also well-known for bringing good fortune and luck. However, one of the important things which needs to be considered while growing this plant which is that the Lucky Bamboo plant needs to be grown in a low light place. Direct light can damage the plant and slow the growing process.

    • Snake Plant 

    According to the principles of Feng Shui, the snake plant is highly associated with good fortune and luck. Snake plant also works as an air purifier which is highly beneficial for health improvements. The wood of this plant has strong power which facilitates eliminating any negative energy which is nearby your home. It works as a protector of the household environment.

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