Best Mobile Credit Card Processing Solutions of 2022

    A mobile credit card processing is likely to be their greatest payment processing choice if individuals, the owner of a small company, handle less than $3,000 per month or have minor sales tickets. Mobile credit cards are a terrific option for solo owners, freelancers, and seasonal firms. The main reason is that it would save the business money in most circumstances because users only pay a processing charge for each transaction. There have been no monthly or yearly fees, and there is no requirement to sign a long-term contract. The equipment cost is very low; all one needs to get began is a mobile credit card processing. You may then add more accessories as your company expands.

    What is credit card processing?                                                   

    Mobile Credit card handling is the procedure for accepting credit card payments. To pay for a purchase, funds are transferred first from the customer’s credit card account to the merchant’s account. This can be handled privately, over the phone, through the mail, or online.

    Top 5 Credit Card Processors of 2022

    1. Square

    Square is known for its innovative POS systems, and its mobile credit card reader is no exception. Like all of Square’s devices, the mobile device may act as a checkout & sales center for any retail business, and the card reader is an essential element of that.

    2. SumUp

    SumUp is a mobile credit card scanner accessible in 31 countries. However, it is new to the American market. It features a rechargeable battery and supports EMV cards, the newer ‘chip cards.’ It is powered by a micro-USB interface and contains a li-ion battery. This contactless credit card reader technology is ideal for low-volume customers since it has a set transaction cost and no monthly charge or minimum use requirement. A free software links the mobile credit card reader to any smartphone through Bluetooth.

    3. PayPal Zettle

    To use a PayPal bank card and the PayPal payment software, PayPal Zettle allows the user to take cards & contactless payments on any mobile Smartphone. All one has to do is install the PayPal Zettle application and couple it with the mobile credit card reader on your Smartphone or tablet.

    4. QuickBooks GoPayment

    Intuit, well-known for TurboTax, also develops its QuickBooks accounting software system, including the QuickBooks GoPayment mobile credit card reader. The GoPayment smartphone software is noteworthy, and it comes with a complementary card reader at no additional cost. Unlike free mobile credit card processing, this from Quickbooks can accept both mag-stripe & chip cards and links to the smartphone over Bluetooth.

    5. Shopify

    If users ever considered using an e-commerce platform to build, Shopify would be instantly familiar since that’s where it all began. Shopify has expanded its goods and services to include mobile credit card processing, in addition to catering to all types of businesses on the selling front.

    Hence, all the above-mentioned credit card processor options have their own perks and benefits that you should know about.

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