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    Best Perfume for Men: How to Choose the Best Types

    There is a common saying that the first impression is the last. Similarly, how you smell leaves a lasting impression when you meet someone for the first time. The same was also confirmed by cognitive research conducted on our olfactory senses and perfume. Here, let us find out more about the best perfume for men.

    We must select a perfume, whether for a woman or a man that lasts for the longest time and works best per the individual’s personality. However, when you try to select the best perfume for men, you will come across descriptions that can be weird and vague.

    You should learn the notes (base, top, and middle) well. You can choose from many notes, musk, woody, etc. Let us check the names of the best perfume for men in India.

    How to Choose the Best Perfume for Men?

    When you select a perfume, consider the type of fragrance you intend to buy. There are a few aspects that you must consider before shelling out your money. These include the following-

    1. Fragrance type- Consider the type of fragrance, the concentration of the perfume oil, the types of notes present, the cost, and the packaging. You can choose from citrus, fresh, spicy, woody, aquatic, aromatic, and musky. It is best to select something that is in alignment with your personality. If you are young, you can go for playful scents, while sophisticated men can opt for spice themes or woody.

    2. Composition of the Scent – Consider the notes that include the top, the middle, and the base notes. Musk as well as aquatic fragrances offer a masculine appeal. Remember, the higher the concentration, the longer it will stay. Eau de Parfume has the highest perfume oil concentration, last longer, and costs more.

    3. Carry a Small Touch-Up Bottle – You can also carry smaller bottles for touch-ups. Let us say buy a 100 ml bottle for regular use.

    Names of Best Perfume for Men in India

    Following are the names of the best perfumes for men that you can lay your hands on. These include the following-

    1. Bella Vita Luxury Man
    2. Villain Perfume for Men
    3. Beardo Whisky Smoke
    4. Bella Vita Luxury White
    6. Beardo Perfume for Men
    7. Djokr Signature Perfume
    8. Perfumer’s Club Best
    9. Beardo Legendary
    10.  Wild Stone CODE

    Guide to Using the Best Perfume for Men

    Whether you are buying citrusy, woody, musk, or spicy, check out the following facts about Storage, Application, and Care.

    • How to Apply?

    Wrists, chest, and neck are the pulse points for applying your favourite fragrance.

    • How to Store?

      1. Keep away from direct sunlight or heat. This will negatively impact the scent and quality.
      2. To prevent leaking, store the bottle upright
      3. For storing long-term, keep them in a cool and dark place
    • Caring for the Fragrance Bottles

      1. Replace lids tightly after each time you use
      2. To maintain the value if you are planning to gift it, keep the bottles in proper condition
      3. Wipe the bottles and keep them dry to prevent building up of residue.
    • How to Prevent Contamination of Perfumes?

      1. Avoid touching the droppers, if any, directly to the skin. The dropper will pick up the sweat and transfer it into the bottle.
      2. Avoid keeping bottles without lids so that the content of the perfume does not evaporate.

    Having seen a few fragrances related to the best perfume for men, you can always opt for a trial-and-error method to find out which perfume lasts the longest or suits your personality.

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