Best Time to Visit Nepal: Things You Must Know Before Visiting

    Nepal, the land of Mount Everest, attracts millions of tourists from around the world every year. Apart from the Himalayas, this landlocked country has many other things to explore. From its historical places to tranquil lakes and endless blue skies, you will be awestruck on your next Nepal trip. But you must know which is the best time to visit Nepal.

    Nepal is perfect for both nature lovers and adventure lovers. The amazing spread of twinkling stars in Nepal’s night sky will fascinate you. It will leave you surprised and dazzled. You will just jump into the arms of nature.

    Best Time to Visit Nepal

    So, are you ready to make Nepal your next destination? If yes, then find out the best time to visit Nepal so that you can make the most of your trip. Know more about Nepal best time to visit.

    Nepal has different seasons, and each season offers something different. Keep reading to learn about the different seasons. Nepal in the Winter season (Dec-Feb) is the toughest, so this is certainly not the best time. We will rather talk about the other three seasons when most tourists flock to Nepal.

    Autumn (Oct-Nov): The Peak Season

    The season of Autumn is the peak season for tourists in Nepal. And this is undoubtedly the ideal time to visit Nepal. October is the best month to visit Nepal. Explore more about Nepal visit best time.


    The temperature stays between 18°C and 22°C during this time. This comfortable weather is the main reason most of the tourists decide to visit Nepal during this time. You get a clear view of the blue sky, and calm winds knock you off this time. The weather feels pleasant overall. The Sun kisses you during the day, and the cold wind snuggles you at night. This is the best time to cherish and enjoy the pristine green of Nepal. So, if you wish to know the best time to visit Nepal, then this is the time you must consider. This is also the best time to visit Kathmandu.

    Significant Events

    Tourism remains at an all-time high during this time. The cold wind welcomes us in the morning. This is undoubtedly the most appropriate time to venture into Nepal, its outdoor world, and get acquainted with its surroundings. This season in Nepal has its celebrations and festivals. Among all these, its 80-day-long Indra-Jatra festival is one of the main festivals in this country. During this festival, people show great enthusiasm and jest and dance wearing musks. This is how they show their gratitude to Lord Indra. It would be the ideal time to explore Nepal.

    Dashian is another major Hindu festival celebrated in October. During this time, people gather with their families, distribute sweets, and exchange gifts to enhance the mood of festivity. This is the best time to visit Nepal.

    Why Must You Visit?

    A clear night sky, pristine greenery, and a crystal-clear view of the Himalayas are the main reasons that Autumn is the best time to visit Nepal. During this time, you can also experience various festivals and celebrations in Nepal.

    Things to Consider 

    You should keep an eye on the road, as there could be mild rains here and there. In some cases, landslides may block access to specific routes. Have prior information about the weather. Many tourists consider this to be the best time to visit Nepal.


    Book your tickets in advance. Plan your itinerary after doing detailed research about your trip. Explore the weather forecast. Carry glasses, gloves, and sunscreen.

    Spring (March-May): Shoulder Season

    This is known as the shoulder season. According to many, it is the best time to visit Nepal. Many tourists prefer to visit Nepal during this time. This is another 8°C and 28°C.


    The temperature remains between 8°C and 28°C. This is the season of Rhododendron flowers in Nepal. Different colours of Rhododendrons bloom during this time, making the country’s landscape vibrant. You will also get to see pristine lakes and comfortable weather. This is the best time to visit Nepal and do trekking. The mild, chilly weather acts as a remnant of winter, gradually shifting to warmer.

    Significant Events

    Other than blossoming flora and pristine views of mountain peaks, Nepal has many things to offer its tourists during this time. You will experience many festivals and activities. Buddha Jayanti is one such festival, which is observed during April-May. On the occasion of Lord Gautam Buddha’s birthday, people wear white attire and celebrate this festival.

    Another notable event is the Nepali New Year, celebrated on 14th April. Locals take the streets of Nepal, singing songs, doing parades and joyous dances, and eating a lot of food. They also perform their traditional dances and sports during this time. This is undoubtedly the best time to visit Nepal.

    Why Should You Visit?

    As this is the best time to visit Nepal, you can go and enjoy having a great time. In addition to enjoying nature and different festivals, you can also go on trekking and hiking during this time. This time of the year permits you a full-fledged adventure in Nepal. It is the best time to visit Nepal.

    Things to Know

    Check the weather report before visiting this time. Book your tickets and hotels in advance. Ensure your hotel has all the necessary facilities and amenities to ensure your comfortable stay during this best season to visit Nepal.


    Carry the right kind of clothes this time. There will not be extreme cold, so you do not need to carry a thick jacket. Have your shades and sunscreen with you.

    Summer (June-September): Low Season

    Nepal’s low season is during summer. But there is a catch. If you wish to experience Nepal during a low rush, then this is the best time to visit Nepal.


    The temperature remains between 19°C and 27°C. The plains of Nepal experience hot weather and humidity, along with regular rain showers and occasional thunderstorms. The hilly regions face lower temperatures.

    Significant Events

    Like every season, Nepal has many festivals and celebrations during this time. Hence, you can experience festivals like Janai-Purnima, separate from trekking activities and sightseeing. This festival is similar to Raksha Bandhan in India. Prayers and holy chants prevail during this time. Kwati is a traditional Nepali dish that Nepali people eat during this time.

    Why Should You Visit?

    As this is the off-season, you can spend your best time in Nepal during this time. You can enjoy ultimate quiet with your friends, family, or love if you visit Nepal during this time. Trekking and hiking will also be a pleasant experience for you as fewer tourists will be there during this time. The rates of hotel, food, and other expenses will be lower, so your costs will come down.

    Things to Know

    Landslides could be a matter of concern during this best time to visit Nepal. You must keep your eyes open and stay alert during your journey. Getting a good deal while booking your hotels and tickets is possible.


    Beware of leeches. Mosquito repellent, sunglasses, and windbreakers are essential. Some information about the weather forecast will also come handy.


    If you want to know the best time to visit Nepal, you have to consider various things beforehand. There are different seasons to explore Nepal, but depending on your preferences and choices, you must choose a specific time. Every season has its pros and cons.

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