Different aspects of Google’s DVD Screensaver

    Google launched their DVD screensaver in 2006. It is a screensaver that displays Google’s logo and its motto – “Don’t be evil” The screensaver was made available for download on its website. It was also bundled with Google Pack, a software bundle for Microsoft Windows which includes Google Earth, Picasa, and other Google tools. The screensaver was discontinued in 2007 because it did not offer any additional functionality to the computer.

    More on the screensaver

    The Google DVD Screensaver is a screensaver released by Google in 2007 and discontinued in 2013. The screensaver is a program that plays a slideshow of images from Google Street View. The Google DVD Screensaver was created to replace the “Google Gray” screensaver, which only showed one full-screen colour at a time. The screensaver can be downloaded for free from the official website, and it works on Windows XP and Vista operating systems. Google’s DVD Screensaver is an interactive screensaver that displays various Google products on the screen.

    The screensaver is interactive, which can be controlled with a keyboard, mouse, or touch screen. The user can choose to view the Google Earth map, Google Images slideshow, YouTube videos, or any other options available. Google has made a DVD screensaver that is fun and educational. The screensaver shows the Google logo on a rotating 3D cube with different images on each side. The photos are of Google’s products, including YouTube, Maps, Chrome and Earth.

    New Google Screensaver

    Google has launched a new screensaver, a DVD screensaver Easter egg, and it is available to access in Search. Along with the new screensaver, which is DVD-themed, Google also offers a bit of movie nostalgia to individuals who might have since shifted to streaming.

    Everything has been changing around us for good, so the internet has also changed how individuals perceive movies and TV shows. However, there was a time when individuals needed to DVDs when it came to watching any video, either film or any other video. With a theme like this, Google has introduced another new product: the latest DVD screensaver. Now how to get this new Google DVD screensaver, is described below. Here are the steps.

    Step 1: Be on Google on your desktop because this new DVD screensaver does not work for smartphones.

    Step 2: Search for Google DVD screensaver or DVD bouncing logo or just DVD screensaver. Anything will work.

    Step 3: After that, wait for about five seconds, and the logo will start to bounce.

    And the main reason to do this is just for fun! As known from the above description this screensaver is exciting to use and explore according to your demand and preference.

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