Diwali Celebrations in Jaipur Housing Society are Led by Robots

    This year’s Diwali celebrations with four humanoid robots were something special for the residents of a housing society in Jaipur. By lighting sparklers and crackers, Club First Robotics’ robots lead the festivities at the Gulmohar Garden Society. Additionally, they greeted visitors and residents by shaking hands.

    Robot Activities

    This year, humanoid robots lit firecrackers and sparklers and introduced themselves to the residents of Gulmohar Garden Society in Jaipur as part of the Diwali festivities. These robots, developed by Jaipur-based startup Club First Robotics, can do maintenance on residential buildings and emergency chores like putting out fires or unclogging sewer lines.

    Reason Behind this Initiative for Diwali Celebration    

    Robots can reduce costs. They live in a large society that includes more than 200 mansions. They opted to try the robots after discovering several drainage issues. Robots have also been introduced to clean and serve in the club and cafeteria.

    Robots can assist with security surveillance and tow vehicles parked improperly within a property. Additionally, they offer gardening and service robots for community centres and common areas.

    Unique Diwali with Robots

    For this Diwali, Xena 5.0 handled the guard’s responsibilities throughout the celebrations, turned on the fire suppression system, watered the garden, and monitored the video. It also provided security in the parking lot and flashed warning signs to move illegally parked cars. The manholes and drainage systems were cleaned by Xena 6.0. The robot is solar-powered and features GPS and a gas detection alarm.

    The business has produced roughly 170 robots, often used by local and state administrations. However, they are currently considering housing societies. The robots’ deployment could result in monthly maintenance and servicing savings of up to Rs 1.8 lakh.

    Sona 3.5 AI Humanoid Robot, Xena 6.0 Solar Manhole Cleaning Robot, Xena 5.0 All Terrain Robot, and Sona 2.5 Service Robot Men were among the robots that participated in the Diwali celebrations of the Gulmohar Garden Society. Sona 2.5 handled food service in the cafeteria, while Sona 3.5 handled grievances, offered feedback, and answered questions about society

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