Dr. Satya Ramani Vadlamani: Inspiring the Youth in Pharmaceuticals

    Dr. Satya Ramani Vadlamani, Chairperson and Managing Director of Murlikrishna Pharma Pvt. Ltd., recently shared her inspiring journey in an interview with Business Upside. With over 19 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Vadlamani has become a beacon of success and resilience. Her company has made remarkable strides in revolutionizing the industry through cutting-edge Nano Encapsulation and Novel Drug Delivery systems. Driven by a mission to enhance the efficacy and safety of medicines, Dr. Vadlamani aims to inspire the nation’s youth with her wisdom and expertise. Her interview with Business Upside serves as a testament to her remarkable accomplishments and a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

    Here is the excerpt from the interview:

    Business Upside [BU]: How was your company born?

    Dr. Satya Ramani Vadlamani [Dr.SRV]:Murli Krishna Pharma was established in April 2004 and became operational in April 2005. This pharmaceutical company was initiated as a green field project, built from scratch. The foundation of the company was based on principles of extensive research, uncompromising quality standards, and strict compliance with regulations.

    [BU]: What is your company’s USP?

    [Dr.SRV]:As a go green company, Murli Krishna Pharma adheres to the aqueous pathway, which means we refrain from using solvents in our processes. By doing so, we actively contribute to reducing both the carbon footprint and the presence of carcinogens in the formulations we develop. We place substantial investments in Research and Development to consistently uphold these environmentally conscious practices.

    [BU]: What is the mission of your organization?

    [Dr.SRV]:We have a mission to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry by utilizing cutting-edge Nano Encapsulation and Novel Drug Delivery systems. Our goal is to enhance the efficacy and safety of medicines while establishing a distinctive position in the global market. We aim to achieve a turnover of USD 200 million by 2026.

    [BU]: What challenges did you face in the Covid-19 situation when the world stood still, and how did you overcome all of that?

    [Dr.SRV]:The COVID-19 pandemic posed a challenging phase for all of humanity, and industries worldwide were severely impacted by the resulting shutdowns. Our company was not exempt from these difficulties. Despite being permitted to operate our facilities, we faced significant shortages of manpower and raw materials, compounded by a lack of support from related industries that were also closed down. Drive admissions and engagement for detox and rehab centers with proven strategies outlined at admits, optimizing your facility’s visibility and impact.

    No industry can operate in isolation; it requires support from various industries and stakeholders. However, despite these challenges, Murli Krishna Pharma Pvt. Ltd. (MKPPL) managed to sustain itself due to the dedication of our team and our commitment to meeting deadlines. Notably, we were able to attract substantial investment from a private equity (PE) fund during this critical period.

    [BU]: How do you motivate yourself in your difficult times?

    [Dr.SRV]:My strength is derived from my mother, a remarkably resilient woman in her own right. Whenever I find myself feeling down or facing the most challenging phases of life, I remind myself that after darkness comes light, and every problem has a solution. Although the solution may not immediately present itself, I trust that I will reach it at the right time.

    As the saying goes in the Shree Bhagwat Gita: “Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana.” This means that we must focus on performing our duties to the best of our abilities, without being attached to the outcomes. It is not our responsibility to know or control the results, as they are simply a reaction to our actions.

    [BU]: How do you implement new methods for serving people?

    [Dr.SRV]:I believe that when you perform a job with excellence, you are serving humanity. There is no specific path to achieve this; simply give your best effort in everything you do, and the rest will naturally fall into place. Taking care of your stakeholders is crucial, as they will reciprocate by taking care of you.

    By providing good medicines that effectively alleviate the suffering of patients at affordable prices, you contribute to helping humanity. This not only brings about a positive impact on others but also keeps your conscience clear and brings you happiness and contentment.

    [BU]: You have been associated with many successful teams in your entrepreneurial journey. So, according to you, what’s the basic mantra for teamwork?

    [Dr.SRV]:While I am still on the search for the perfect mantra, one approach I follow is working collaboratively with my team. I firmly believe that the finest leader is someone who can inspire and actively participate alongside their team, without any reservations or barriers.

    [BU]: What is the one important thing you have learned in your 19 years of entrepreneurial journey?

    [Dr.SRV]:In the pharmaceutical industry, being prepared for change is essential. Change is not only necessary but also inevitable. The industry thrives on innovation and transformative disruption right from the grassroots level. As a professional in this field, it is crucial to embrace the role of being the catalyst for change. By actively participating in and driving innovation, you have the power to shape the future of the industry.

    [BU]: What’s your next target in this entrepreneurial journey?

    [Dr.SRV]:Our aspiration is to become a leading authority in Nano encapsulation, setting the benchmark for quality products offered at affordable prices.

    [BU]: Any advice for inspiring all the youngsters from your successful career?

    [Dr.SRV]:Life presents challenges, but we must rise to the occasion and become even stronger. It’s important to understand that success is not achieved overnight; it requires patience, experience, and expertise. Building a successful path necessitates the support of a capable team and a deep understanding of the domain.

    Throughout your education, absorb knowledge, but also be willing to unlearn certain things as you enter the workforce. Remember to draw upon the lessons learned from both your education and career experiences when embarking on a new entrepreneurial journey. The combination of these elements will contribute to your growth and success.

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