Everything You Wanted to Know about Eye Flu

    Eye flu is a common ailment, which is also known as conjunctivitis. The inflammation of the conjunctiva marks it. The conjunctiva is nothing but a transparent and thin layer of tissue that lines inside the eyelids and covers the eye’s white portion. Some common symptoms of eye flu are discomfort, redness, and blurred vision. People of all ages can suffer from eye flue. Let’s discuss various aspects of eye flu.

    Symptoms of Eye Flu

    Eye flue comes with several symptoms that you must know about. The eye flu symptoms can vary in severity. You must know about these symptoms to get timely treatment. A few of such common symptoms are described below.

    Redness: Redness in the eyes is considered one of the most common symptoms. In this symptom, the blood vessels in eyes become dilated and reddish or pink. This is why it is also known as pink eye.

    Watery Eyes: This is another common issue where your eyes get excessive water. Upon facing this symptom, people find it difficult to even see clearly at times.

    Itching: Itching in the eyes is another symptom of eye flue. In this condition, the urge to rub the eyes increases, but doing so can worsen the condition. So you must resist this urge by all means.

    Swelling: Swelling in the eyes can make them appear puffy, another common symptom you should look for in this regard.

    Sensitivity to Light: If you find your eyes to be sensitive to light all of a sudden, then you are probably suffering from eye flu. It makes it difficult to look at light or bright environments.

    Blurred Vision: This is another common symptom of flu that you must consider before visiting a doctor to address the issue.


    There are different eye flu treatment that you should know about while visiting a doctor. It would be better for you to ask your doctor about this. Various conjunctivitis requires different approaches in this regard.

    Viral Conjunctivitis: If some viral infection causes your flu, there is no antiviral medication. You get rid of this infection typically within a few days. You just need to deal with the symptoms by using some artificial tears. Thus, you can also get rid of the discomfort.

    Bacterial Conjunctivitis: In the case of Bacterial Conjunctivitis, your doctor is supposed to prescribe you a proper antibiotic drop to use. Using this prescribed eye drop will clear eye infection within a few days. You must complete the entire medication course to get the best results. Not to mention, it is essential to follow the other advice of your doctor.

    Allergic Conjunctivitis: In this case, you should identify and avoid the allergen that is causing you this flu in the first place. On the other hand, you can also go for the prescribed eye-drop of your doctor, which will reduce redness and itching. Using some cold water or compresses will be helpful in this regard.

    Other Helpful Tips to Follow

    Apart from seeking the advice of your doctor, there are some general tips that you must follow to prevent or combat eye flu.

    Follow Good Hygiene: You must wash your eyes frequently or whenever you touch your eyes. Moreover, avoid touching your eyes now and then. Following good hygiene is very essential in this regard.

    Avoid Contact Lenses: While suffering from eye flu, you must not wear contact lenses because they might worsen the condition.

    Don’t Share Personal Items: Stop sharing personal items with your family members or others during this time. Be it towels, makeup, pillowcases, or anything else that might transmit the infection, do not share it with others at any cost.


    Suffering from eye flu can be bothersome. So, while suffering from this, you are required to follow every precaution. Do not forget to follow the advice of your doctor while taking the proper medication religiously. Staying neat, clean, and hygienic during this time is ultra important. You should do your research to explore other tips and advice on dealing with eye flu.

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