Excited About IPL Retention? Here’s What You Should Know

    The retention and release list for IPL 2023 have already been made public following the conclusion of the grand opening. The 2023 IPL Retention List indicates that there has been a shuffle in the player names. The evidence indicates that Kochi staged a minor auction on December 23.

    Kane Williamson and Mayank Agarwal have both been released by their respective teams, according to the information we have received. You can get detailed information about the players released or retained in this context today in this IPL retention List article.

    About the 2023 IPL Retention List

    An essential list of IPL player retention 2023 has been released, and it contains details about who was retained and who was released, indicating significant roster adjustments for all clubs. We will give you a list of the retained players whose names are on the IPL 2023 Retention List since all franchise teams have been included with their necessary teams. We sincerely hope you will read this post through to the end.

    IPL 2023 Retained and Released the Players’ List

    Now that the IPL retained players list for 2023 has been out, many teams have kept their star players. To help cricket fans decide which teams will keep their players and which will release them, we’ve included the team wise IPL Retention List below. As far as we know about IPL retained players, the Chennai Super Kings have kept all other players while releasing Chris Jordan, Dwayne Bravo, Jagadeesan, and Robin Uthappa. In addition, the Delhi Capitals have cut Ashwini Hebber, KS Bharath, Mandeep, and Tim Seifert.

    All of the teams in this series have kept some players and dismissed others to prepare for the forthcoming Indian Premier League. Many clubs, including Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Gujarat Titans, have traded certain players, according to news sources. In the Indian Premier League, 85 players have been let go by various teams, and some have even been traded between different organisations.

    How to Check the IPL Players List Team Wise?

    You can view the IPL Retained Players. 85 players have already been released, leaving 163 players whom all teams have retained. Following the end of the dates, all the teams made public lists of the players they had kept and released.

    Ipl Auction 2023 Updates

    • This is to inform you that the IPL Auction 2023 was already done on December 23, 2022.
    • All of the newly signed players and released players were offered for sale by different organisations with openings.
    • According to their available funds, each of the 10 IPL teams made a bid for a released player.
    • The Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore are only two of the numerous teams that have exchanged multiple players.


    This is all about the IPL retention list. When deciding which team hasn’t moved any players, ensure that every player’s name is included in the IPL Retained Players List 2023 Team Wise.

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