Learn How To Get Command Block In Minecraft Through These Simple Steps

    A gem in the gaming world, Minecraft has billions of gaming enthusiasts all over the world addicted to it. This game has been in the market for more than a decade now, with over 200 million copies being sold. An 8-bit survival game, Minecraft is among the most unique and admired games in the entire gaming world.

    It has more than 126 million users who are active in this game on a regular basis. However, despite its popularity, not all facts about Minecraft are known. One such unknown fact that has been keeping gamers in a perpetual state of curiosity is how to get command block in Minecraft. Before we discuss getting command blocks, let us brush up a little on what a command block is. As any regular Minecraft player would tell you, a command block is a mechanical block in Minecraft. When you power a command block in the game with the Redstone, it runs any command that you choose. 

    A Minecraft command block is as hard to find as it is useful. This is the reason why despite the game’s huge popularity and massive fan base, only a few people know how to get a command block. These extremely handy and useful blocks that can secure your path in the game are not available in your creative inventory. Moreover, they are not accessible to players when in survival mode. This is because a command block can affect all aspects of the game. To be able to access command blocks you have to be an operator on the realm/server of the game, playing in the creative mode. Wondering how to get command block in Minecraft? A little curiosity is all it would take to solve this mystery forever. So read this article and find out! Here, we have discussed everything you need to know about the Minecraft command block.

    How To Get Command Block In Minecraft? 

    Now that you know what a command block is and how useful it can be, let us discuss how to get a command block in Minecraft. As you have already read, only an admin playing in the creative mode of their own realm can access command blocks. As regular Minecraft players would already know, a realm is a personal multiplayer server in Minecraft, which you can purchase exclusively for your friends and yourself. If you are trying to access command blocks in survival mode, you’re only wasting your time. Neither would be looking for them in your creative inventory yield any fruitful result. You must spawn your command block in. 

    How to Use Command Blocks in Minecraft
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    To get a Minecraft command block in the Bedrock edition, use the following steps: 

    • Enable cheats in your Realm settings
    • Turn the Creative mode on so that the command block can be spawned in
    • Open the chat box of the game
    • Type: “/give <your username> command_block
    • Place the command block on the location of your choice.

    However, if you are playing the Minecraft Java Edition, the steps for getting a command block change. If that is the case, follow the steps 1isted below:

    • First, go to your server’s configuration files
    • Open the file titled “”
    • Find “enable-command-block=false” and change the line to “enable-command-block=true”
    • Now, open the game’s chat box and enter these words: “give [your username] Minecraft: command_block” to get a command block for yourself
    • Turn the Creative Mode of Minecraft on by typing “/game mode c” in the chat box itself
    • Select the appropriate location and place your command block.
    How to Download Minecraft Maps and Play on Them
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    In both these cases, after you have placed the command block, you can turn off the Creative mode. In the Bedrock edition, you can also turn off cheats from the settings. For the Minecraft Java Edition, the game will turn back to survival mode if you type “/gamemode s” after getting your command block.

    Various Usages of Command Block

    My Favorite Command Block Commands
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    Now that you know how to get command block in Minecraft you might be wanting to know what you can do with the command blocks. Here we have mentioned some of the usages of the Minecraft command block:

    Cookie Announcer:

    If you run these commands in the given order as you run commands in a chain command block random 5 players will get 5 cookies each.


    /tag @r add cookie

    /give @a[tag=cookie] minecraft:cookie 5

    /say @a[tag=cookie] has been given 5 cookies!

    /tag @a[tag=cookie] remove cookie

    Wireless Buttons:

    The Wireless Redstone function in a Minecraft command block works according to conjunction but there may not be adequate room to hide the command block always. If that is the case use this chain of commands to block the use of the keys x, y, and z.


    /execute if block <x1> <y1> <z1> #minecraft:buttons[powered=true] run clone <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <x3> <y3> <z3>

    Wireless Redstone:

    If you know how to get a command block in Minecraft, you must know how to transport one wirelessly. Redstone command block can be transmitted by wirelessly putting a Redstone block in a specific location valid in the game. This procedure is often used to summon more command blocks, especially in adventure maps.


    /netblock <x> <y> <z> redstone_block

    /setblock <x> <y> <z> stone

    Time Warper:

    Even though you know how to get command block in Minecraft, managing time is still a great nuance in the game. By using this simple command you can easily control the flow of time and also adjust the speed.


    /time add 5


    You can also use the Minecraft command block to teleport your character to any location valid inside the game. You can use the no.1 command where y is the difference measured vertically between lower and upper entrances to the elevator. You might also apply this command in the syntax of no.2 to teleport the players to any coordinate by using the command block. Here ~ is left in the command, the regular axis of x, y, and z are all set to the value of 0. You are free to use the command as it is used in no.3. You just have to put the values of x, y, and z while typing in the command block.


    no.1: /teleport teleport or tp <y> 

    no.2: /teleport @p ~3 ~4 ~5

    no.3: /teleport @p -33 100 -7

    How To Activate A Command Block? 

    NEW* Secret/Hidden Minecraft Commands On The Bedrock Edition(100% REAL) - YouTube
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    Now that you have learned the secret trick of getting a Minecraft command block, the next thing to discuss is how to activate or set up your newly acquired command block. The current of any powered Redstone can activate the command block you have attached to it. However, if your command blocks are within the render distance, they will not activate.


    Minecraft commands immense popularity among gamers all over the world. The very fact that the game has been in the market for over a decade now, but still enjoys the loyalty of over a million monthly users is enough to prove the game’s popularity.

    Microsoft is bringing Minecraft to Xbox Game Pass The Verge
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    However, despite this popularity, only a few gamers know how to get command block in Minecraft. As simple as getting a command block is, it can be immensely useful in the game. Hopefully, now that you know how to get a command block, you’ll be able to build your world better and enjoy playing this game even more.

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