Exploring India’s 10 Best Colleges For Engineering in 2022

    In this article, we are providing complete details about the best colleges for engineering in India in 2022. India is one of the big nations of South Asia. In terms of size, it is the seventh-largest nation. Its neighbours are Pakistan, Bhutan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. The 29 states and 7 union territories that make up India is under the administration and rule of the national government. India’s higher education system is ranked as the third largest in the world by size. India is home to numerous prestigious engineering schools and colleges that offer top-notch instruction in various technical specialties.

    Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan announced the NIRF Ranking 2022, which ranks most of India’s numerous higher education institutions, including nearly 45,000 degree colleges, 1000 universities, and 1500 premier institutes.

    IIT Madras maintained its top ranking in the “Overall” category for a third consecutive year and the “Engineering” category for a sixth consecutive year.

    Even though just 7% of engineering graduates are employable, engineering has remained India’s most sought-after higher education field.

    Engineering Colleges Ranking in India: How has This Ranking Been Made?

    Students from the science stream searching for the best engineering institutions in India must understand what to look for and how to select the best universities. The search for the best Btech/BE colleges in India is based on several factors, including NIRF ranking, facilities, placements, and more. There will be a lot of uncertainty and mayhem when looking for the top engineering institution.

    Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information & Technology (IIITs), and other top-rated institutes are on the list.

    10 Best Colleges in India For Engineering

    As part of the National Institutional Ranking Framework, the MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development) publishes a list of the top engineering schools in India every year. The list includes all engineering educational institutions, including IITs and private engineering colleges.

    The “Expert Committee,” chosen by the MHRD core committee, creates the ranking list of institutes from various streams. Learning environments, faculty profiles, terms and circumstances for economically challenged candidates, and a number of other elements are among the criteria that determine the ranking.

    So Here are The Best Universities in India for Engineering Based on NIRF Ranking –

    1. IIT Madras
    2. IIT Delhi
    3. IIT Bombay
    4. IIT Kanpur
    5. IIT Kharagpur
    6. IIT Roorkee
    7. IIT Guwahati
    8. NIT Tiruchirappalli
    9. IIT Hyderabad
    10. NIT Surathkal

    The NIRF Ranking 2022 best colleges for engineering lists have eight IITs and two NITs in the top 10, which is expected since the IITs are mostly world-class institutes.

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