Exploring the Top 10 Best Camping Places in India

    Camping is a great way to enjoy nature, spend time with friends and family, and create memories. Camping can be an excellent opportunity to spend time with friends and family in a relaxed setting, and it can also be an opportunity to get back in touch with nature. Let’s check out the best camping places in India.

    The ultimate camping destinations for you 

    • Chandratal Lake [Himachal Pradesh]

    For natural bliss, one of the great camping places in Himachal Pradesh is the ‘Lake of Moon,’ It’s a sight to behold. Camping here is a tremendous natural bliss experience. The reflection of the moonlight on the lake is quite ethereal.

    Chandralal lake

    • Spiti Valley [Himachal Pradesh]

    The Spiti Valley, located in Himachal Pradesh’s Keylong district, is first on our list, and it is India’s top camping place. There are lovely lakes, barren hills, monasteries, verdant valleys, and breath-taking natural splendour.

    spiti valley

    • Tso Moriri [Ladakh]

    Tso Moriri, one of the world’s highest lakes, is one of India’s best-camping destinations. Because the lake is frozen the rest of the year, the perfect time to camp in Tso Moriri is from May to September. Enjoy the luxuries of the marquees, witness fantastic sunrise, or go hiking.

    Tso Moriri

    • Solang Valley [Manali]

    Solang Valley in Manali, one of India’s top camping places, draws travellers worldwide. Camping is made even more enjoyable by the lush foliage, the babbling of a nearby creek, and the abundance of engaging activities. You can do trekking, skiing, rock climbing, river crossing, rappelling, and paragliding.

    Solang Valley

    • Rishikesh [Uttarakhand]

    Rishikesh must be on your list of places to visit if you want to reconnect with nature. Camping on the banks of the Ganga in Rishikesh brings you closer to nature and a deeper spiritual connection. The small tents feature basic amenities and give a welcome getaway from city life.


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    • Nameri Eco Camp [Assam]

    National Park as a camping place is a great way to reconnect with nature as a camping place. As a result, we arrive at Nameri Eco Camps. This camp, located in an Assam National Park, is famed not only for its beautiful setting but also for its numerous adventure activities. 

    Nameri Eco Camps

    • Mussoorie [Uttarakhand]

    Mussoorie is well-known as one of India’s most popular tourist attractions, yet few people realize that it also provides the ideal location for reconnecting with nature. Enjoy the rich flora, snow-capped mountains, trekking, and various exhilarating activities.


    • Anjuna beach [Goa]

    Camping on the beach is something that every visitor should do at least once, and Anjuna Beach is another top camping place in India. The renowned beach in Goa is home to some fantastic sceneries and lifestyles associated with the hippy culture in the state. Beaches, churches, and flea markets, as well as vibrant nightlife, are all close by.

    Anjuna Beach

    • Neora Valley Camp [West Bengal]

    Neora Valley Camp is another finest camping place in India. The campsite is located on the Neora River’s catchment and the watershed and its tributaries. The eco-camp is also equipped with all modern conveniences while minimizing environmental impact.

    Neora Valley Camp

    • Sam Sand Dunes [Jaisalmer]

    Camping at Jaisalmer’s Sam Sand Dunes offers a thrilling desert experience. Camping here is a combination of Indian culture, tradition, and hospitality. Enjoy a camel safari, an evening bonfire, delectable Rajasthani cuisine, and traditional Rajasthani music and dances.

    Sam Sand Dunes

    This comprehensive list really gives you some good choices regarding ultimate camping destinations in India. Just choose any of these places and proceed to enrich your experience in the best way possible.

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