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    Here’s How to Block SBI ATM Cards Instantly

    The first action you should take after losing your SBI ATM card is to block it. The State Bank of India offers several ways to ban or disable debit cards. It can be done online, over the phone, or via SMS. Follow our instructions to learn how to block  SBI ATM card.

    Customers of SBI cards can quickly stop their debit cards in the event of theft or loss by contacting customer service, going to a bank branch, or using Internet banking. Remember that clients can restrict their debit cards if they reside internationally, like in the USA or Canada.

    The Following Crucial Details Should Be Noted Before Banning Your SBI Debit Card

    According to the SBI website:

    • If you’ve lost or abandoned it, you can use this feature to deactivate your SBI ATM/Debit Card.
    • Please confirm whether you have verified your cellphone number with the Bank before continuing.
    • You will get an OTP on your registered mobile if your cellphone number is registered with your account number.
    • The OTP which was delivered to your phone must be entered. The user’s entire list of accepted cards will be visible.
    • SBI card block for a specific card number. Simply pick it and press the submit button.
    • Once that card has been blocked, it can’t be unblocked online.

    Following Are the Ways How to Block SBI ATM Card

    For Website

    Step 1: Check website

    Step 2: Input the bank details, the nation you’ve chosen, the enrolled cellphone number, and the captcha answer, and then click the “Submit” button

    Calling Toll-Free Number

    The simplest approach to block debit cards is to contact either 1800 11 2211 or 1800 425 3800, toll-free numbers for the bank. You can ban your card by following the directions after calling the toll-free number.

    By SMS

    For the SBI ATM card block, text the bank a specified SMS message. To stop your ATM card, you should text BLOCK XXXX to 567676, where XXXX is the last 4 digits of your debit card.  The Message must be sent from the mobile number connected to the bank account.

    After the bank receives the SMS, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS. The ticket code, stopping date, and banning time will all be included in the SMS notification.

    By Heading to the Bank Branch

    An ATM cardholder can go to their nearby branch and ask a bank representative to deactivate their ATM/debit card.

    Debit Card Cost

    The annual card fees will be taken from the primary account linked to the card at the time of renewal. The customer must always keep the cash reserve in the designated account that the bank may, from time to time, require by the SBI rules and regulations. The bank reserves the right to charge the user for the initial issuance or subsequent issuance of a Card and any fees or charges associated with transactions made using the card.

    You should know how to reissue an SBI ATM card now that you know how to block SBI ATM card. You can submit a request for a new SBI debit card online at, through the SBI card mobile app, via official email, or by calling.

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