How to Check MTN Data Balance: Four Ways to Consider

    MTN is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the world. It has completely reshaped how you communicate, connect, and conduct transactions across Asia, Africa, and Europe. However, MTN is mainly active in the vibrant landscapes of South Africa. Before you learn how to check MTN data balance, you should know various aspects of MTN. 

    The Journey of MTN

    Ever since its inception in 1994 in South Africa, MTN has been expanding its reach to other parts of Africa. At present, it has more than 277 million subscribers in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Their expansion has been more than just providing good coverage. They also worked hard to create a robust platform that supports data, voice, and various other digital services. Read on to know how to check MTN data balance.

    Digital Evolution

    Before learning how to check MTN data balance, you should know that MTN is more than a mobile operator. They have been a catalyst for digital innovation and connectivity. From providing service during post-apartheid South Africa to becoming the market leader in the digital revolution of Africa at present, MTN has come a long way. 

    Their journey to this digital evolution has been a testament to the innovation and effort they have put in over the years. Other than connecting people, they have created a world of digital opportunities. With their cutting-edge technology, they have been empowering African communities for years. 

    MTN and Their Impact

    MTN’s impact and vision transcend telecom services. Their mission is to empower their customers and enrich their lives with innovative digital solutions. Among all their unique offerings, MoMo (Mobile Money) is one notable service that has completely transformed the landscape of African financial transactions. 

    MoMo enables users to manage their finances effectively through mobile devices, initiating a new era of financial activity. It has made digital transactions secure, seamless, and accessible to everyone. This digital finance evolution is one example of how MTN transforms people’s lives in Africa. 

    How to Check MTN Data Balance: 4 Ways

    MTN enables its users to maintain constant connections in this digital world. If you are using MTN data, you should know how to check the MTN data balance now and then. There are four ways to understand the data balance of MTN. Check out these ways and means to know your data balance. 

    • Via USSD Code

    If you wish to know how to check MTN data balance, then USSD code is one method to do that. USSD code stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a fast and reliable way to know about various MTN services. 

    • Use Your Phone’s Dialler: Access the dialler app on an MTN-connected smartphone.
    • Dial USSD Code: Now dial *559# and press the call button. After sending the code, you will receive a pop-up text exhibiting your current balance. Another way is to dial *131# and press the call button. After dialing this, you will find a menu with several options. You can choose the option ‘Data Balance’ to check your MTN data balance. 
    • View the Data Balance: After dialing the USSD codes, you will promptly get to know the data balance of your MTN data. This is how to check MTN data balance in the best possible manner. 
    • Via SMS

    If you want to know how to check MTN data balance via SMS, follow the method described below. This option is effective when you need to know the USSD codes or when no USSD codes are available. 

    • Open the Messaging App: Open the messaging app on your MTN-connected device.
    • Compose a Message: You have to type the number ‘2.’
    • Send the Message to 131: Now you need to send the typed message to 131.
    • Know Your Data Balance: After sending the message, you will get a short message about your data balance.
    • Via MTN Chat Bot- Zigi

    Staying updated about your MTN data usage is essential to constantly connecting to the internet. You can use the MTN chat bot Zigi to get all the required updates and information. Check out the below-described ways to use Zigi to know your data balance:

    • Access Zigi: First, you need to find Zigi. This chatbot is available on the MyMTN app, the MTN website, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or Whatsapp. You can find Zigi on any of these platforms at your convenience. 
    • Start a Chat: Start a chat with Zigi by sending a greeting or wishing something.
    • Follow the Prompts: The chatbot Zigi will likely ask about your MTN number and other subsequent details to ensure account security and privacy. Provide all the required details to proceed. 
    • Ask Your Data Balance: Now, you need to ask Zigi, “What is My Current Data Balance?” You may ask something similar, as you do not have to use exact words. Zigi is designed to understand natural language queries. 
    • Know Your Data Balance: Zigi will promptly provide you with information about your data balance. You will also gather information about minutes remaining, voice, or SMS details. 
    • Via MTN App

    Using the MTN app is another way to know about your data usage. If you wish to have a user-friendly and detailed experience, then using the app will be your best option. Follow the steps described below:

    • Download and install the MyMTN app from the Apple Play Store or Google Play Store.
    • Register on the app using your details (if you are not already registered).
    • Now login with your credentials and navigate to the ‘Data’ section.
    • You will find data balance and all other necessary details in this section.

    This is how to check MTN data balance effectively. Using the app has several benefits compared to other options for checking your data balance.

    To download the app, visit here.

    The Benefits of Using MyMTN App

    There are plenty of perks and benefits of using MyMTN app to know your data balance or any other information. 


    If you want convenience, this app is the best option for you. Using your smartphone, you can check MTN data balance from anywhere, anytime. You do not need to memorize any USSD codes for this. 

    Know Data Usage History

    This app also provides detailed data usage history, helping you understand the pattern of your internet usage.

    Account Management

    If you wish to manage your MTN account comprehensively, the app makes it easy. From accessing your data balance to buying a data package, you can do a lot on this app. 

    Exclusive Updates and Offers

    You get to know several exclusive updates and offers on the MyMTN app. These offers enrich your overall experience as an MTN user. 


    Using your data balance or accessing other information, the MTN app enhances your security. You do not have any potential risk of USSD fraud or scam if you use the MTN app instead. 


    Accessing the MTN app to access your data balance or other information is a sustainable practice or method. 


    Now you know how to check MTN data balance effectively. You must keep track of your data usage and be conscious. MTN has been reshaping the digital finance landscape in Africa, expanding its economic engagement and connectivity across the continent.

    Customers are not just getting connected to the digital world; they have become an integral part of MTN’s dynamic movement. If you use the MoMo (Mobile Money) platform provided by MTN, you will benefit greatly. If you wish to know how to check my MTN number, you can do further research on your own.


    How to Check MTN Number?

    If you wish to know how to check your MTN number, open your dialer app on your phone, dial the USSD code *140#, and click on the call button. Your MTN number will be displayed on the screen. Using this code to check MTN number is the easiest option. 

    How to Check Data Balance on MTN?

    There are various ways to check your data balance. The first method is to use the MTN data balance code. You can dial either *559# or *131# to know your data balance on screen. This is a useful code to check MTN data balance.

    What are Other Options to Check Your Data Balance?

    Other options exist to check your data balance besides using the MTN data code. For example, you can learn about the data balance via SMS or the MyMTN app. These two are popular methods to know about your data balance effectively. Now you know how to check your data balance. 

    Is MTN a Good Telecommunication Service Provider?

    In Africa, MTN has been a market leader in providing quality digital and telecommunication services. They have been putting all their effort into running a digital finance evolution for the people of Africa. They have also expanded their reach to Asia and Europe too. 

    Is Using the MyMTN App Worth It?

    Yes, you would greatly benefit from using the MyMTN app. In addition to knowing your data balance, you will also be able to easily access other information.

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