How to Make Your Office Work for Your Employees?

    Most people in 2023 have seen the infamous movie Office Space, released in 1999.

    This movie is famous for its quips about working in an office and how it makes working in an office seem like a fate worse than death! Why? Well, because the space in the movie is deliberately drab and grey and has all of the employees on the edge of their seats due to over-management and a lack of support.

    In 2023, you will want your office team to feel that they can truly enjoy their jobs, and as a manager, it is your role to ensure that the office space and the role of working in an office suit everybody’s needs. This will help with productivity and will also help with long-term staff retention. So, how exactly do you achieve this? It’s simple, and this article will walk you through five tips on making your office space more desirable to work in.

    No Grey Boxes!

    While they are associated with offices in general, you need to get rid of the small grey cubicles to make your office work! You can’t get rid of them fully, especially if you have multiple staff members using their phones throughout the day to talk to clients or customers. You have to concede, however, that having various cubicles in a row where your staff is forced to work will make it hard for the office space to work for everybody.

    If you are choosing an office space for your team to work in, try to ensure a mixture of open areas, private rooms, and space for collaboration. This will allow your workers to choose the environment that suits the task at hand rather than being forced to stay in one of those awful little cubicles; this will help them feel that they have a choice in where they work, which will up morale and productivity. If you are looking for an office space to rent that has all of these features, head to and browse the options they have available.

    Ergonomic Furnishings

    It is shocking to many people how uncomfortable it can be to sit in the same chair for hours on end, particularly for your lower back and even your wrists if you are typing. So, to ensure that all of your staff are comfortable, you will need to invest in ergonomic furniture. This will involve things like adjustable chairs, sit-stand desks, and, of course, proper keyboard or mouse setups. You may even need to have wrist rests on the workstations to help members of your team who use laptops. These kinds of considerations will reduce the risk of strain and discomfort that your staff may experience, which will lead to more productive employees, and, of course, it will lead to fewer days where staff call in sick due to workplace-related strains.

    Natural Light and Plants

    Once again, going back to the movie Office Space, many people were quick to note that the fluorescent lighting used in the film made people who had worked in offices in the 80s and 90s cringe. Nowadays, these lights are not only considered a bad thing but have actually been linked to a higher occurrence of headaches and migraines among workers in these areas.

    When choosing an office for your team, you should look for one with large windows that allow natural light to flood in. This will help your office team to stay focused on their tasks, and if possible, it is best to set up their desks next to the windows. Natural light has positively impacted mood and productivity, so it’s well worth looking at office spaces with large windows.

    As well as this, you should aim to introduce indoor plants or green elements to your office as well. Plants improve the air quality and add a natural touch to the workspace. Also, plants are naturally calming, so if your team is feeling stressed, having plants around the space can help them feel more relaxed.

    Noise Management

    It is hard for many people to work in a loud environment, especially if they are in an office and are trying to talk to customers on a headset.

    Luckily, there are many things you can do to ensure that your team gets the work done and that the noise levels are kept to a minimum. This can involve using sound-absorbing materials in the initial layout of the office, as well as designating quiet areas and using noise-cancelling headphones for staff members who may have noise sensitivity issues. It can even be worth investing in air conditioning for the summer months, so you don’t have to open windows and let the sounds of traffic into the office. It will also keep the space cool, which will help to keep everyone feeling refreshed and focused.

    Invest in a Recreation Area

    Many people who work in an office want a space where they can relax when they are on a break, so it can be worth providing breakout spaces. Aim to create cosy corners, lounge areas, or even games rooms, which can promote relaxation and prompt informal interactions between your team. These spaces allow those who work for you to think creatively and encourage social bonding among your team members.

    Also, make sure there are snacks and drinks available in your office. In 2023, many people will have healthy vending machines in their offices and water machines, which can eliminate unhealthy snacking and help keep your team hydrated. These machines are often available for rental, so you won’t have to pay a fortune to install them, making them a desirable device to invest in.

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