How to Use the e Gram Swaraj Portal: A Complete Guide?

    In this regard, the MoPR has started a scheme called e gram swaraj to offer Gram Panchayats a digital payment option online (GPs). In addition, it has been determined that GPs must pay telecommunications firms digitally in real time for the services rendered.

    The programme seeks to fundamentally alter how Panchayati Raj Organizations (PRIs) run in order to increase their accountability, effectiveness, and openness as decentralised self-government institutions. Decentralizing democracy in this way by automating internal workflow processes in around 2.5 lakh Panchayats across the country, the programme aims to improve local administration and make democracy function effectively at the grassroots level, benefiting over 30 lakh elected politicians and roughly 10 lakhs PRI officers.

    Overview of e Gram Swaraj

    The Ministry of Panchayati Raj established the e swaraj portal to enhance e-governance in Panchayati Raj (PRIs). On April 24, National Panchayati Raj Day, the e Swaraj website and app were launched each year.

    The e Gram Swaraj portal aims to improve job accounting transparency, decentralised planning, and completion reporting. This webpage will mark the culmination of digitalization and help to promote e-governance across all PRIs in India.

    Panchayats are tracked on the e-Gram Swaraj website, which has a single user interface and provides work records from planning to execution. Each village panchayat listed in the Gram Panchayat Development Plan’s work data is included (GPDP). Through this portal, everyone can access details regarding the activities, development initiatives, and finances.

    Features of the e-Gram Swaraj Portal

    • The completion of the digitalization of rural areas and villages is marked with establishment of the eGramSwaraj webpage.
    • It is available as a mobile app and on its official website.
    • In India, everyone can learn about the efforts made by a village to improve.
    • People can learn about every project the Ministry of Panchayati Raj is working on.
    • The panchayats around the nation are tracked using the e Gram Swaraj app, a single digital platform.

    Login Instructions for eGram Swaraj

    • EGram Swaraj can be accessed online.
    • Choose the e gram swaraj login option from the menu on the right side of the homepage.
    • Submit the captcha code after entering your login and password.
    • Choose “Login” from the menu.
    • Application for Swaraj eGram.
    • The status of various PRI operations is shown on the eGram Swaraj mobile application.

    Steps for eGram Swaraj Portal Registration

    One can view the financial status reports and approved panchayat plans without visiting the portal. The website will be used by Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs) to enter data. The government agency will decide whether to grant the PRI’s request to create a login ID. The following is the PRI registration process:

    • The government organisation will visit eGramSwaraj.
    • It will start the onboard panchayat for the online scheme module.
    • Choose the proper PRI for induction, then save.
    • The state agency will provide the User ID and password needed to access the portal.
    • The PRI can start portal transactions and build its DSC.


    Anyone can look at information and data on panchayats, reporting, and accounting on the e Gram Swaraj website. This website’s main goal is to inform visitors about village development initiatives.

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