HTET 2023 Answer Key Released on 2023

    The Board of School Education, Haryana, has made the answer key for the 2023 Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test (HTET) available. The official website, 2023, is where candidates who took the HTET 2023 exam can obtain the HTET 2023 answer key.

    The draft answer keys for each subject covered in the Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test (HTET) Level-1, Level-2, and Level-3 were made available in accordance with the notification.

    Accessible on 2023: Candidates Encouraged to Verify Responses

    Candidates can use the answer key, which is currently accessible on the official website, to compare their answers with the test authorities’ solutions. Candidates are better able to evaluate their performance and spot any inconsistencies in their responses thanks to this accessibility.

    The 2023 has declared the start of the objection window as a part of the open evaluation procedure. Candidates will have the opportunity to voice complaints and questions about the accuracy of the answers in the disclosed key starting on December 4.

    To do this, candidates must submit their objections online via the Board’s official website portal and pay the required price of Rs. 1000 per question. Within three months of the examination results being announced, the candidate’s bank account will receive the amount deposited for that question if the objection submitted concerning that question is determined to be valid.

    Applicant Position in the Evaluation Procedure

    It is recommended that applicants participate actively in the review method by cautiously reading the solution key. By spotting and reporting any possible inaccuracies, they cannot simply enhance their know-how in their overall performance. They also help ensure that the assessment process is as accurate as possible.

    Candidates must follow the deadline for submitting their concerns. The HTET assessment system enhances the equity and legitimacy by utilizing well-timed submissions, ensuring that it considers concerns within the allotted time.

    More about This

    The Education Board has scheduled the exams for December 2, 3, and 2023. Exams held across 188 locations on December 2nd and 3rd On December 2nd, exams were held in the evening session from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM and on December 3rd in the morning session from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM. These exams took place at 188 different testing locations. The authority administered Level 1 (PRT) in the evening session from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM on both December 2nd and 3rd.

    A total of 2,52,028 candidates registered for the exam this year. It comprises 41 transgender people, 79,596 male candidates, and 1,72,391 female candidates. The level 1 (PRT) examination had 54,115 candidates; 35,646 were women, 18,457 were men, and 12 were transgender. 83,545 women, 38,008 men, and 21 transgender people were among the 1,21,574 candidates in level 2 (TGT). And 53,200 women, 23,131 men, and 8 transgender people were among the 76,339 candidates in level 3 (PGT).

    How to Download the HTET 2023 Answer Key?

    Candidates can use the straightforward procedures below to register objections against the HTET 2023 answer key.

    • Step 1: Visit the Board of School Education, Haryana’s official website at
    • Step 2: Navigate to the “Answer key HTET 2023 level 1, level 2, and level 3” link on the website.
    • Step 3: Upon clicking, it will redirect the candidates to a new webpage.
    • Step 4: By clicking on it, applicants can choose the solution key according to their level.
    • Step 5: The screen will display the HTET answer key 2023 PDF.
    • Step 6: Get a copy of the pertinent answer key and thoroughly review it.

    Registration Fees

    Registreation Fees


    The 2023‘s distribution of the HTET solution key demonstrates their dedication to fairness and openness in assessing teacher eligibility. The applicants should make use of the to-be-had resources. It is to verify their overall performance and actively interact in the objection process. They look at administrators and candidates who have collaborated to enhance the HTET examination’s reliability. This places a high popularity for teacher eligibility exams in Haryana.

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