Is ACKO Good for Car and Bike Insurance? Know Everything About The Company

    Insurance is an integral part of our life in every aspect, be it car, bike, or general insurance. If you are aware of the insurance industry, you must know the name of ACKO, the company that has rapidly grown in two years since its start. The general insurance company has become a familiar name and got a broad customer base in a brief span. Let’s dig deeper and get some more information about the company.

    About ACKO

    ACKO is a private Indian company for general insurance which was established in November 2016 and got a license from IRDA in 2017. The uniqueness of its business lies in its online-based model.

    ACKO insurance covers various services like car insurance, bike insurance, mobile insurance, general insurance, and in-trip domestic insurance.

    ACKO car insurance covers all three types: third-party, comprehensive, and standalone own-damage car insurance.

    The company, though new, ensures seamless operations of all the services through advanced digital platforms. This efficiency and innovative way of business has led the company to bag some big shots for investing in the company.

    ACKO car insurance

    Insurance is the simplest and most effective way to protect your vehicle from risks such as accidents, fire, theft, natural disaster, and third-party liabilities. Car insurance policies are generally of two types that protect it from damages. Those are third-party and comprehensive car insurance, and premium rates of both these types are affordable. Apart from these two types, there is standalone own-damage car insurance.

    The insurer offers personal accident cover of up to Rs.15 Lakh in case of death or permanent disability while having an accident with the car.

    ACKO General Insurance provides beneficial and customizable add-on covers to protect your four-wheeler. While buying or renewing the insurance policy, you can get these add-ons offering additional coverage for the extra charges over the base policy. The add-on covers include zero depreciation, roadside assistance, key replacement, consumables, outstation emergency, and engine protection cover.

    Selecting ACKO car insurance means you will get benefitted in several ways, like low premium rates, paperless claim service, discounts, and unique plans. The coverage amounts for different car insurance provided by ACKO are:-

    • Personal accident cover – up to 15 lakh
    • Third-party property damage – up to 7.5 lakh
    • Own damage cover – coverage for own car for its damage or loss

    Besides, the company offers customers six add-on covers and 24/7 claim assistance.


    • Reasonable pricing, 20%-30% commission in premium rates.
    • From buying insurance to renewing it or making a claim, the whole process is online and paperless.
    • ACKO assists in picking up your car, fixing it, and delivering it to your doorstep in just one call.
    • Offers instant claim settlement for minor damages.

    You can get different insurance claims options, such as cashless claims and reimbursement claims. The entire claim process is online. Once you ask for an insurance claim from the official app or website, you will get an instant service. You can also get updates on the claim status through WhatsApp, SMS, and mobile app. All the necessary details, including required documents and reasons for claim rejection, are provided on the company’s website and app.

    ACKO bike insurance

    Extraordinary features, benefits, and assistance are provided for ACKO bike insurance too. Apart from the beneficial coverages and add-ons, the company’s claim settlement process is hassle-free. It offers a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance service, with all-time online assistance to customers. Whether buying insurance for your bike or renewing it, or claiming insurance amount, everything is just a few clicks away.


    ACKO has gained recognition in the insurance world quickly because of its variety of services and paperless processes. It offers health insurance for individuals, groups, and corporates, travel insurance, and life insurance as well. Moreover, it provides trusted customer assistance all the time. So, you can think of this company next time you consider buying insurance.

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