Mamaearth – A 700-Cr D2C Sensation in Five Years

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    Mamaearth is an organic personal care brand that was founded by Varun Alagh and Ghazal Alagh [husband and wife] in 2016. Currently, the brand is trending for becoming India’s first D2C unicorn. One of the investors of Mamaearth, VCats has recently told YourStory regarding Mamaearth, There are 62 D2C unicorns globally; India is preparing for its first one. It could be Mamaearth.” In FY21, this personal care brand upsurged an annual revenue rate of $100 million (Rs 700 crore), and now Mamaearth aims to turn the brand into a Rs 2,000-crore brand within the next three years. The story represented regarding Mamaearth by YourStory, clearly states that the customer-centric approach of this company has led Mamaearth to the place which it is right now, at the top of the FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) sector. Rather than focusing on what Mamaearth can provide to consumers, the brand focuses on what should Mamaearth provide to consumers as per their requirements and demands. This strategy has facilitated the company to gain this huge success and profit in the current market. With the supply of a wide range of products accompanied by widely positive acceptance of the brand, Mamaearth is now at the peak of its success. 

    Journey of Mamaearth

    As per the main story shared by the founder of Mamaearth Ghazal Alagh, the main concept of the brand is to provide consumers toxin-free organic and natural baby products. As a parent, the founder of Mamaearth has observed that most of the baby products in India contain harmful toxins which are banned in other countries like the U.S. but have been utilized in India widely. As it is a matter of safety of babies and their skincare, Mrs. Algah thought someone needs to do something about it and need to come up with a solution. Like this Mamaearth was invented in 2016.

    For 9 months, they worked rigorously on the manufacturing of Mamaearth products, highly considering the safety and security of the babies, and finally started their journey with six baby products that are toxins-free and highly beneficial. The first six baby products provided by Mamaearth are diapers, body wash, massage oil, shampoos, rash creams, and lotions. The main initial mission of the company was to provide toxin-free and natural baby products to reduce the worries of the new parents. And the mission has been achieved successfully. 

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    Now, Mamaearth provides a wide range of products for babies and adults both starting from skincare to haircare products. One of the key features of Mamaearth products is that it is completely organic and natural which is safe to apply for sensitive skins also. Mamaearth has also launched a subsidiary brand “The Derma Co.”. The Derma Co. product range is specifically developed for skin treatments for skin issues like acne, pimples, high pigmentations, and several others. Mamaearth has also researched that the increasing pollution and daily unbalanced busy schedule causing individuals a wide range of skin issues that needs proper care. This way they came up with an expert skincare solution ‘The Derma Co.’, which provides a wide range of products that include science-based active ingredients.

    This subsidiary of Mamaearth consists of more than 40 skincare products. Additionally, consumers can also get dermatologist-made regimes for skincare as well as skin assessment tests. Gradually, the personal care brand, Mamaearth is growing rapidly in the Indian market and aims to become a house of brands. And not only in the Indian market, but Mamaearth has also expanded its business by providing its products in neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh.

    Business Growth of Mamaearth

    Growing business this fast and gain success has not been an easy journey for Mamaearth. Initially, when the company came up with its six baby products it was difficult to choose to select either online platforms or offline places to offer their products. With developed technology and an increased rate of internet use, the founder of Mamaearth decided that online distribution would be the smartest strategy to apply in the current market. The maximum number of individuals uses the internet and social media platforms daily for 90% time of their daily life.

    This D2C business strategy with online distribution turned out to be a success for Mamaearth products. Additionally, during the toughest time of the pandemic, this online marketing strategy provided the company a huge benefit in the market. The company provides its products to customers directly through its official website, Nykaa, Amazon, and Flipkart. Currently, it has also started to provide its products through offline distributions such as physical stores. From six baby products, Mamaearth has now fully-fledged to 140-odd SKUs in haircare, skincare, and baby care segments and offer their products and services across 500 cities for over five million customers. 

    Achievements of Mamaearth

    All these achievements gained by Mamaearth are because of their customer-centric approach towards the business. During the interview taken by YourStory, the founder of Mamaearth, Ghazal Alagh stated When customers come directly to your website, you should be able to communicate with them, land messages well, and show them the content they’d like to see. So, if the customer came to buy a hair mask, but also checked out a shampoo and a serum, you know exactly what to talk to them about the next time they come to your website.

    Mamaearth prioritizes the exact needs of the customers and understands what would be the appropriate solutions for the requirements. Despite having major competitors in the market such as Juicy Chemistry; SkinKraft; WOW Skin Science, Mamaearth did not limit their growth and vigorously worked on the enhancement and better development of the business which led them towards success.

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