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    Everything is tending towards modernization. AI has taken over in many human fields to make our lives easier. Why would marketing remain backward in such a case? Software’s have been built which would make the works of different executives easier and thereby allowing them a smooth operation simultaneously in more than one front. The department of marketing describes plans and flow charts and lines up the sequences with their consultants and executives and feeds on the information to the different respective Artificial Intelligence machines for Marketing automation.

    Marketing Automation Software

    Marketing Automation has helped in the growth of the marketing industry on a huge scale. They learn the pattern of problems that have been asked by the customers and generate solutions which have multiple functions according to the need of the consumer. It is easily in reach of the consumer and they don’t need an app or add an extension to get its benefits. Just the website would be enough to get access to the facilities of the marketing automation software. The main function of this marketing automation software is to prevent the tedious

    Marketing Automation

    Process of Manual handling, which would require huge time and would cost a lumpsum amount of money. Instead, this would help in the automation of the process by the software and would reduce the time of waiting for the consultation of the customers. It would have a huge reach as it is online and would reduce the cost to a big level. It creates opportunity and also looks at matters of both online and manual need which leads to focusing more on the customer part.

    Relation to Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    A major part of Marketing automation deals falls under the label of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which performs a full check on the processes in the marketing campaign along with keeping a record of the segmentation.


    It performs a single task multiple times daily which would otherwise be a very tedious process for manual workers. Categories of marketing automation software:

    • Marketing Intelligence

    This feature uses the learning process of the Artificial Intelligence of the software to monitor the methods of searching, shopping, browsing and cookies of the customer to know the need of the consumer. It can even detect any kind of link that has been visited recently by the customer or any kind of keyword used by the customer to analyse the behaviour of the customer and thereby acquiring the complete need of the consumer helping in the development of the software too.

    • Workflow Automation

    This feature uses the AI to continuous approvals the solutions generated by the machine to the different people having the same problem. This feature can plan meetings, schedule collaborations, create online assets and approve permissions in seconds which would otherwise be time-consuming.

    WorkFlow Automation

    Email Marketing Automation

    Email Marketing automation is a widely used part of marketing automation software. Email Marketing Automation is a service of sending automatic emails to a desired group of people for a particular product that they seem too interested in as determined by the automation software.

    Mostly promotional emails to the target audience and also to the subscribers are sent out by the email automation software. It helps the online buyers as well as the sellers to message each other personally and vice versa if they need any support regarding their purchase. Email Marketing automation is popular because of its wide uses in different aspects and also because of its power to remember the huge list of the target audience which would otherwise be very difficult to remember.

    Email Automation

    It can send automatic emails to customers to notify the launch of any new product whose inferior kinds may be of interest to them as they searched for it earlier. It would help the audience to know about new product release as well as the upgrade in the pricing of the older products.

    Surveys from different zones have shown a sharp increase in the sale of several schemes or products that have an Email Marketing Automation team working for the promotion. Also, there has been more conversation with the buyers due to the automation of the Email Marketing strategy.

    Email Marketing Automation – How It Increases Productivity?

    Email Marketing Automation increases the proficiency of the work being done as the machine keeps a database of the interest of the customer as well as tracks the activity of the customers, helping to the betterment of the suggestion generation. Email Marketing Automation helps to engage up with a new audience as well as revive the relationship with old customers with the help of the system. Email Marketing automation also helps in increased segregation of the workload as well as a higher rate of transactions leading to an effective increase in the revenue generation of the company.

    Email Automation Marketing messaging service also leads to the increase of the goodwill of the customers as they get direct access to the location, details and office services and thereby gaining the confidence they require to buy a product of such a company.

    There are some of the best tools by which you can automate your marketing strategy. Those Marketing Automation tools help in the whole marketing procedures.

    Marketing Automation Tools

    Some of them are namely:

    • Customer Journeys

    These tools help in monitoring and determining the paths necessary for the smooth workflow of the customer’s problems and thereby laying off the groundwork required to further assess the problem or deadlocks faced by the customer.

    • Behaviour-based Automations

    This tool helps to automatically generate and mail different messages to the consumer based on the interactions they make with other peoples so as suggest the most relevant products while they are shopping.

    Behavioral Mail Marketing

    • Transaction Emails

    This tool helps to monitor all the transactions that are being automated by the software and keep a tab of all of them. Passing through a gateway of secure connection, machines use the SMTP servers to send receipts of transactions and the OTPs as well as keep a tab of the total transactions made by easier revenue generation and accounts calculation.

    • Postcards

    This tool has been abandoned in recent time which would otherwise have sent postcards to consumers at regular interval of days to keep the connection alive among them as well as to make them aware of the newly launched products.

    • Date-based Automation

    This tool helps to monitor the different social media accounts of the customer and hence to send them special offers and wishes on their special dates of the year like birthdays and anniversaries.

    • RSS-to-Email

    This tool helps to send all the promotional posts that are posted by the company about the launch of any new product or by the photos of achievements of the company to the customers by converting the same into emails.

    RSS to Email

    • Scheduling

    This tool helps to maintain records of the different areas and time zones a customer belongs to and thereby schedule an approximation of the date and time a product would need to get delivered to the consumer

    All of the above-mentioned points are some of the tools that marketing automation software uses to render good quality service. These marketing automation tools are very popular and are widely used among companies.

    Many different platforms offer marketing automation services. They are the generic hosts that are used by the machines of the company to provide their web-based services to reach people without the installation of any kind of software. 

    B2B of Salesforce

    B2B of Salesforce is one such marketing automation platform that renders all the above mentioned marketing automated services. It is one of the most popular and considered the best services of marketing automation. B2B has got a hold of 25 thousand companies using its support network.


    With the increase in demand for online shopping, the buyers need to get into automatic mode to finish the huge load of work they are getting into. Marketing Automation would help them a lot in various ways and help in increasing the revenue thereby putting the company in a good position in the market.

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