Meesho App: What Kind of Application Is It?

    With social media becoming a huge part of our day-to-day lives, businesses- big, small, and everything in between- are increasingly involving themselves in a somewhat new phenomenon that we have termed as ‘social commerce.’ Social commerce, or the combination of social networking with e-commerce, has now become a new focus for many major marketers. One such social commerce platform that has been very quick in gaining pace in the Indian market is the Meesho app. 

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    This app has become exceptionally popular among buyers and sellers alike, owing to the unending options and opportunities that it provides. Apart from the amazing products in the Meesho products list that are sure to captivate and mesmerize the buyers, the Meesho app also provides unbelievable earning opportunities to its sellers that can be availed from home itself. 

    Especially in the Indian economy where jobs in the financial or entrepreneurial sectors are mostly dominated by men, apps like Meesho provide women with an opportunity to become self-dependent by working from home. This makes the Meesho app even more popular in the market.

    What is Meesho reselling
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    With an extraordinary social presence, Meesho has left a mark on most social networking sites in India. Interested to learn more about Meesho? Read this article to find out how Meesho works and what opportunities it has in store for you. 

    What is the Meesho App? 

    As you have already read, the Meesho app is a social commerce platform. The Meesho business model functions through an application that is available on both the Google Play Store, where applications for android devices can be downloaded and the iOS App Store, where applications for iOS devices are available. It can be used as an online shopping app where buyers can browse through the Meesho products list and order products of their choice which would then be home delivered to their addresses. 

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    The Meesho app can also be used by sellers looking for a platform to sell their products. Small businesses and individuals selling handmade products can benefit from this app. Apart from this, users can also resell products from the Meesho products list to people from their contacts. The Meesho supplier panel consists mainly of women entrepreneurs, especially housewives, beauticians, small business and shop owners, wholesale traders, and college students who are looking for part-time jobs and other employment opportunities.

    How Does The Meesho App Work? 

    The Meesho app makes use of social networking sites to sell its products. This social commerce platform stocks a large number of goods and services with endless options for buyers to choose from. The products and services available in the Meesho products list include clothes, both ethnic and traditional for men, women, and children of all ages, along with accessories, homecare products like kitchenware, bed sheets, and carpets, electronic gadgets, and much more. A user who wants to become a part of the Meesho supplier panel has to go through a zero investment registration process, after which they can post about their products online. 

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    Users can also resell the products and services available in the Meesho app by sharing their catalogue with potential buyers on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. To become a Meesho seller, all one has to do is to go through a simple, hassle-free registration process. For the Meesho seller registration, users have to visit the official website of the Meesho app and fill in the form provided for this purpose. They would also be required to attach documents like PAN card and provide details like their GST number and business account to be registered as a verified Meesho seller. If you do not have an established business already but are looking to start one, becoming a reseller with Meesho is a good way to begin. 

    Meesho Selling Process

    • Listing and Sharing: Once enrolled as a Meesho seller, or a reseller, users can start their businesses. Sellers would be required to list the products they offer on the Meesho app
    •  Receiving Orders: Orders start coming in almost instantly, as the Meesho app has people who are active on social networking sites as their target customers. Resellers can also place the order on behalf of their customers.
    •  Delivery: Officials working for the organization receive the ordered package from the sellers. The Meesho seller only has to pack the products as the delivery service is provided by the organization itself.
    •  Payments: Payments on the Meesho app are quick, ensured, and hassle-free as both online and offline payment methods are available. The Meesho seller receives their payment soon after payment is made by the customer. Resellers are also paid for every product they sell.

    Order Cancellation 

    If you are worried about how to cancel order in Meesho after having ordered a certain product, do not fret. The Meesho app provides for a smooth order cancellation process. The user only has to select the order and click on the ‘Cancel order’ option. Then the reason for the cancellation has to be specified, after which the ‘Cancel product’ button has to be clicked. The order will then be cancelled by the Meesho app. 

    Making Money through the Meesho App

    There are many ways in which one can earn money with the help of the Meesho App. All the processes are very simple and compatible for both part-time and full-time endeavours. Here, we will inform you everything you need to know about the Meesho Business Model:

    1. Reselling products: Anyone can start their own business with Meesho App by reselling the products already present on the app. You just have to go through the Meesho products list and choose the products that your buyers would be interested in. All you have to do next is just share the products with your customer circle or share them through your social media handles like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. After you have completed the Meesho seller registration, you don’t need to have any affiliation certificate whatsoever like other sites. You then have to add your margin to the product cost and tell your customer the final price. There are no apps like Meesho that can simplify reselling to this extent. After this:
    • Add the products to the cart
    • Place your order at the customer’s address via Meesho App.
    • The order will reach the customer within 2-3 working days.
    • For cash on delivery mode, the Meesho app will send your share of the payment to your bank account.
    • If the order is prepaid, the Meesho seller has to collect the payment from the customer before placing the order.
    How to Make an App Like Meesho Features
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    2. Referring: You can also earn money from the Meesho App by just referring the app to your friends and colleagues. Whenever referred accounts buy from the Meesho products list you will receive a percentage of the price as a commission. The commission rates can rise from 5% to 50% as your sales increase. With this part-time setup, you can earn through the Meesho business model effortlessly.

    How to add Margin Meesho How to process order Meesho app
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    The Meesho app has gained immense popularity over a very short span of time among the Indian business circle. The Meesho business model has especially become popular among small businesses that can grow immensely through this app. Housewives looking for a way to earn without leaving the house, and small producers producing handmade products can benefit largely from this app by joining the Meesho supplier panel.

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