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    Meet the 12 Year Old Entrepreneur Shaking the World of Baking

    The love for her mother made Vinusha MK, a 12-year-old girl from Chennai, discover her love for baking. She was only nine when she baked the first cake for her mother’s birthday. In 2019, she started her own desert business specialized at baking cupcakes and pastries.

    The name of the initiative is Four Seasons Pastry, signifying young Vinusha’s love for nature. She bakes four types of cupcakes, summer, autumn, winter and spring which actually are of different tastes and colors.

    At this early age, Vinusha’s registered brand is quite famous and her “baking kit” is receiving appreciations all around the country. She has been awarded and honored a number of times.

    Vinusha, who literally proves age is no bar, shares with Business Upside India how it all started and what are her next goals? Here is an edited excerpt of the interview.

    Edited Excerpt of the Interview

    Business Upside [BU]: People your age generally are passionate about other things like music, dance, art, etc. Were you passionate about food and baking all the time?

    Vinusha MK: I like those things also, but baking stood out the most because I was always engaged in it in some way or another. Baking is something that I always look forward to.

    [BU]: How and when did all this start?

    Vinusha: When I was eight years old, I kept watching baking and food videos all the time, but never made anything. When I was nine years old, I made a cake with my friend for my mother’s birthday, and then only I realised how much I loved baking. I attended many classes to develop my skills in baking & I did some internships in a 5-star hotel as well.

    After that, I met many entrepreneurs whose stories inspired me. So I thought, why not start my own brand? Then I started Four Seasons Pastry – I love seasons a lot, so I incorporated seasons with cupcakes.

    [BU]: What challenges or things did you have to learn or deal with when you decided to start this business?

    Vinusha: Age was a major challenge because you are discriminated against for your age wherever you go. That was one of the major struggles I faced when I was starting my journey & in fact it still continues. It has lessened a bit now, though.

    [BU]: The name “Four seasons Pastry” is quite unique, and so is the idea of making desserts inspired by seasons. How did the name and the concept arrive? 

    Vinusha: The name Four Seasons Pastry & the idea arrived when I was brainstorming with my parents. I loved seasons a lot, so I incorporated it with cupcakes. 

    [BU]: Apart from the name, what are the specialisations of your pastries? Why should people taste it?

    Vinusha: People should taste it because this has a unique concept related to seasons; and a 12-year-old baker makes it with no added preservatives.

    [BU]: Which one among the cakes and pastries you baked was your personal favourite and why?

    Vinusha: I love my brownies which is my speciality as well. 

    [BU]: Which one got the most appreciation?

    Vinusha: The products which got more appreciations and attracted customers are the blondies, winter cupcake & brownie.

    [BU]: Who has helped you the most in this journey?

    Vinusha: My Parents & my mentors helped me the most in my journey.

    [BU]: You’ve already been awarded and honoured so many times at this little age; which moment was most joyful for you?

    Vinusha: More than the awards, I was delighted to hear the message of Mr Sanjeev Kapoor for me. I was so amazed that a celebrity of his stature said something for me, and that was the moment when I felt true joy.

    [BU]: What is the next target you wish to achieve?

    Vinusha: My next target is to make my Four Seasons Pastry brand global.

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