Navratri Colours 2022: Take a Look at The Nine Colors of The Navratri Festival

    The festival of Navratri, whose name is a combination of the Sanskrit words Nava and Ratri (which means “nine nights”), honours the strength of the female, as embodied by Devi Durga, the consort of Lord Shiva. Nine Navratri colours are chosen for these nine days, each having a special meaning. So, what are the 9 Navratri colours 2022?

    The festival lasts nine nights and ten days, and it ends on Vijaya Dashami, commemorating the Mother Goddess’ victory over the demon Mahishasura. Soon after the Pitru Paksha, a fortnight devoted to the departed ancestors, Navratri begins. And the Devi Paksha starts as the Pitru Paksha ends in the Hindu month of Ashwin.

    What are Navratri Colour Days?

    Devotees observe a strict fast for each of the nine nights of Navratri, which this year begins on September 26 and continues with Dussehra on October 5 to seek the blessings of the Goddess. Additionally, they purchase new clothing and dress daily, just like other Indian celebrations.

    Navratri colours 2022 list order is as follows according to Drik Panchang-

    1st Day – September 26 – white

    2nd Day – September 27 – red

    3rd Day – September 28 – royal blue

    4th Day – September 29 – yellow

    5th Day – September 30 – green

    6th Day – October 1 – grey

    7th Day – October 2 – orange

    8th Day – October 3 – peacock green

    9th Day – October 4 – pink

    What are The 9 Colors of Navratri 2022?

    Interestingly, each festival day is devoted to a different colour, and attendees typically wear that colour to celebrate. Additionally, the colourful decorations carry along the colour motif. Yellow, green, grey, orange, white, red, royal blue, pink, and purple are the nine primary colours. They stay the same year after year. However, the order varies based on the timing of Navratri.

    The Importance of Navratri Colours

    While white is associated with innocence and purity; red, royal blue, and yellow signifies different aspects of love and joy throughout the holiday season. Grey denotes the balance of emotions; and the green represents growth and fertility. Colours like orange and pink symbolize love, harmony, and warmth, whereas peacock green symbolizes originality and uniqueness.

    According to the Drik Panchang, incorporating the particular colour of the day into your outfit is auspicious during Navratri.

    You now understand the significance of Navratri colours 2022 and how wearing the proper colour makes life happier. Maintaining a total supply of puja materials is crucial to executing Navratri puja. Purchase Pure Ghee & Camphor of the utmost quality from a reputable supplier.

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