Pranic Healing – Meaning, Method, Benefits Everything You Need To Know

    Pranic healing meditation is a form of energy medicine in which the prana (the breath of life) is amplified, controlled, and directed for therapeutic and energising effects. This prana, also known as the universal life force or life energy, can be transferred into their body to heal others. As a result, this method is frequently referred to as miraculous healing.

    What is Pranic Healing?

    In the latter half of the 20th century, Master Choa Kok Kui of the Philippines created the therapeutic method known as pranic healing. It is a contemporary alternative healing method that employs an understanding of chakras, aura cleansing, and arhatic yoga to trigger the body’s natural healing mechanism.

    PRANA is an ancient concept. The word itself is Sanskrit-derived and can be rendered literally as “life force” or “vital essence.”

    Our earliest Upanishads and Vedas include the first descriptions of it. The Chandogya Upanishad, which dates back 3,000 years, contains the phrase’s first use, although other significant Upanishads, including the Katha, Mundaka, and Prasna Upanishad, all reference it.

    Similar to this, these historical sources also contain the idea of yoga and meditation. The present pranic healing technique was created when these fundamental ideas were revised.

    How to Do Pranic Healing?

    Emotional wellness has an impact on mental health. Because everything is interconnected, disregarding one part of a state of being might degrade another.

    According to the pranic healing theory, an imbalance in the prana, or energy, can impact a person’s spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Through a suitable technique, the healing practise concentrates on harmonising these energies.

    • First, it is determined which physical or emotional issues bring bad energy.
    • These energies are then expelled.
    • The good vital energy has finally returned.

    The healer doesn’t need to touch the patient or give them any medication to do the abovementioned tasks. Simply guiding the person through the procedure is their responsibility.

    Benefits of Pranic Healing

    • The immune system performs at its peak when the body is free from stress and mental upheaval. It is possible to apply pranic healing to advance mental health.
    • Some of the most prevalent issues in contemporary living are anxiety, stress, and depression. Healing can be used to control them.
    • An individual can enjoy better mental health and inner tranquility by regularly practising it.
    • Our brains work best when we are in a balanced condition of mind, spirit, and body. To obtain optimal health and get into our inner potential, the body’s upper chakra must be

    It is not only used to treat illnesses and can also be utilised to stop subsequent complications. Since many diseases associated with the modern lifestyle are linked to one another, there is an excellent possibility that a person will develop another disease if they already have one. Pranic healing eliminates the negative energies before they affect the body’s health to prevent such occurrences.

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