Protein is Important in Your Diet to Avoid Covid-19

    Now that we are continuously afraid of being infected by an undetectable opponent like coronavirus, the only option that can maintain our bodies’ functioning is healthy nourishment. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” Words of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said.

    Corona patient diet chart requires a high amount of protein because the body needs a lot of nutrition to fight pathogenic attacks. A new variant of coronavirus attacks us every few months, and we are facing an entirely new wave of COVID-19 soon. So, now we need food that boosts the immune system during COVID19, which should be protein. Many doctors and researchers have stated that a good and nutritious diet chart can increase the body’s immunity power. In contrast, a malnutrition diet can weaken the body, becoming more vulnerable to coronavirus. Therefore, every individual, precisely, corona diet chart has to include protein food during corona disease.

    Is whey protein essential for the body?

    Protein is a necessary building block of all cells, tissues, and muscles in your body. Protein can also help you lose weight, build muscle, and even improve athletic performance. Protein provides the essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize. Animal protein sources typically contain all these essential amino acids in the correct ratios. Protein is needed for muscle development and repair, maintaining healthy skin, fighting fatigue, and helping your body detoxify. It’s also a good source of energy. Protein is a building block for muscle and is also used to repair cells. Your body uses protein for growth, metabolism, and other essential processes like tissue repair. Protein is found in meat, poultry, beans, dairy, and eggs.

    Corona Patient Diet Chart

    • Early morning (6-7 am)

    -One glass of warm water with cinnamon and lemon along with walnuts and almonds

    • Breakfast (7:30-8 am)

    -Oats with milk or yogurt along with seeds, nuts, or fruits

    -Two dosas and sambar

    -Omelette with vegetables (1 whole egg and two egg whites only) with two toasted multigrain bread

    • Mid-morning snack (10-11 am)

    -Fruit bowl with chia seeds or pumpkin seeds

    -Fruit smoothy with chia seeds or flax seeds

    • Lunch (1-2 pm)

    -1 cup of steamed rice with vegetables (as per your preferences, but not only potato), ¾ cup of any dal or rajma or chana, and lastly, curd. Also, for non-veg options, you can add chicken curry or egg curry.

    • Afternoon snack (4 pm)

    -Green tea

    -Ginger tea with honey (as per your preference)

    • Evening snack (5-6 pm)

    -Roasted chana or boiled pulses or sprouts with lemon and a pinch of salt.

    -Dinner (8-9 pm)

    -One bowl of khichdi with vegetables and curd

    -Two roti with paneer or chicken with curd

    -One bowl of chick stew with one slice of multigrain bread

    • Bedtime

    -A cup of low-fat milk with turmeric without sugar.

    It is just a sample diet for omicron patients. Many individuals have allergies and body types. Consult a nutritionist or a general physician to get a proper diet chart. But food during corona disease should include protein and many essential vitamins.

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