Rajesh Kewat, Founder of FastInfo Group, Inspires Young Entrepreneurs by Sharing his Success Story

    “You don’t need money to build your business empire; what you need are big dreams and a sharp mind! If you got it, try it,” says Rajesh Kewat, Founder and MD of FastInfo Group of Companies. He is an entrepreneur, educationist, and technocrat. Rajesh founded his company FastInfo Group in 2019 to serve people with commercial, legal, and educational needs at an affordable price.

    The company has seen rapid growth in three years because Rajesh loves to accept and win over challenges. Rajesh continued to be a “life-long learner” even after becoming successful, and this particular view, as Rajesh himself says it, makes him go on.

    As he talks to Business Upside India, Rajesh Kewat shares the hurdles he overcame, what are his next goals and how he defines success. 

    Edited Excerpt of the Interview:

    Business Upside [BU]: When & why did you Decide to Leave your Job and become an Entrepreneur?

    Rajesh Kewat [RK]: Tough times can sometimes test your spirit and shake your foundation of belief. During one such tough time of ours, my wife, who belonged to a wealthy family, often started comparing my status with her fathers, which pinched me to the extent of starting a business because I knew that with service, it would take a huge amount of time to reach the status that I thought of achieving.

    [BU]: What was your Mission at the Outset?

    [RK]: I genuinely believe that the journey of my life and that of FastInfo is very inspiring, and I sincerely take it as a mission to make this story reach each and every individual in this world.

    [BU]: Whom your Company Serves, in Short, and Simple Words?

    [RK]: From the very first, my aim was very clear. I have always wanted to serve the ordinary people who are in need. While many companies focus on serving financially well-established people, my company mainly focuses on serving people who are financially not that strong and can’t afford high-priced services.

    [BU]: How do you differentiate your Company from Others, and What Made the Company Grow According to you?

    [RK]: See, if you ask me what made my company grow, I would say my employees. For me, my employees are the main pillars upon which the company’s foundation is based. Another thing that differentiates my company from others is that deserving employees get promoted to higher ranks even within three to six months of joining. At FastInfo, we believe in building careers and growing together.

    [BU]: What are your Most Significant Achievements, and What are the Next Goals?

    [RK]: In this context, I want to share something; I lacked a workforce when I started my company. At that time, I was the employer & the employee. Starting a company with only one man and a thousand rupees investment, then turning it into a multi-crore company with over 700+ employees, is the most significant achievement of my life.

    If you ask me about my next goals, I would say to reach an employee strength of more than 10000 as soon as possible.

    [BU]: What are some of the most important lessons that have influenced your work? 

    [RK]: I think the pains and hurdles I faced in life influenced my work and expanded my boundaries of experience. In this context, I also want to mention that before becoming an entrepreneur, I myself worked as an employee for almost 12 years in the corporate sector & have seen different aspects of this world. So, I can say that these experiences have also impacted my work.

    [BU]: What are the Prospects of your Sector?

    [RK]: We are a group of companies with six brands, each serving different client segments. All our brands are in the latest market segments with a huge prospect. For a perspective, let’s talk about one of the courses of FastInfo class, our Edutech division, which is online spoken English. The market for the same in India is approx. Rs. 30,000 crores, and the opportunity to thrive in this space is huge. Similarly, our other brands also operate in spaces that have huge prospects.

    [BU]: What, according to you, the Industry you are in should you Focus on more?

    [RK]: I would say the education sector because, in India, many people are not that financially stable and generally don’t take up educational training courses with high ticket prices of Rs.10000+, as can be seen from many online educational institutions & platforms. We have launched an online platform where courses are available starting from Rs. 299 only so that everyone can get a proper education & support to achieve their dream career. So, yes, I think I should focus on the education sector more.

    [BU]: What would be your primary suggestions for young entrepreneurs?

    [RK]: Don’t run too fast to achieve anything because if you run fast, you might be left out of many things. So, just stay calm & composed and focus on your target. There is no shortcut to success, and you must wait to gain something. Do everything yourself; don’t ask anyone to give you funds to start your business, as whenever you take funds from others, you indirectly sell your company’s shares to someone else. Raise your funds by yourself or start with what you have.

    You will find the real story behind my success if you google me. To many, my success appears to be too fast, but they don’t realize that it is a direct result of my twelve years of experience in the corporate world, where I have faced numerous obstacles and challenges but never gave up on myself, ever!

    [BU]: How do you Define Success?

    [RK]: For me, success is overcoming obstacles and not dropping your weapons till the very end of the battle. I always believed in the ideology; success is a journey, not a destination.

    If success is a journey, you need to compare yourself with your own; and if you find yourself two steps ahead of your past, you are definitely being successful!

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