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    Abhishek Mangaraj from Shares how his Company is Setting New Trends with AI

    Organizations prefer AI these days to run their businesses smoothly, leading to the rapid growth of enterprises like in recent years. Abhishek Mangaraj, Director- Global Account Management at, shares why brands love to choose his company and how they plan to grow further.

    Edited Excerpt of the Interview

    Business Upside [BU]: What is the Aim of your Company, in Short?

    Abhishek Mangaraj [AM]: Our aim is not just another chatbot; our conversational AI can automate every interaction with your customers and employees to deliver actionable outcomes at an optimized cost. We want to be the world’s Leading Enterprise-grade Conversational AI Platform.

    [BU]: How and why did you Choose to Use AI for your Business?

    [AM]: Customers & employees look for a frictionless customer experience. Continuous upgrade to the AI & NLP engine helps us improve the intent performance, which ensures that the users get accurate responses from day one. Our AI & NLP models have “seen” all different syntactic variations of sentences from billions of conversational data. With a better understanding of the context and intention of their queries, the end users enjoy a seamless experience.

    [BU]: How do you Differentiate your Company from Others, and what Made the Company Grow According to you?

    [AM]: Our ability to understand the end users’ requirement to be omnichannel, intelligent, and personalized, that too, at’s DynamicNLP reduces the setup and training time of the NLP model from months to minutes while delivering an intent accuracy of 97% and above right out of the box. This is based on cutting-edge technology and Zero-shot Learning, allowing you to bypass the tedious, complex, and error-prone process of model training.

    [BU]: Why should Customers Reach out to you?

    [AM]: At 64% of the world’s population, today’s digital users now form the largest part of the global consumer base. They’re social, highly mobile, simultaneously at many places, they’re also super self-reliant and prefer to solve problems on their own. They’re very demanding, and rightly so. This new generation of consumers has pushed brands and enterprises to engage and resolve issues of the generation-now, on-demand, across channels, in real-time, 24/7. And with a whopping 5 billion + users on conversational channels like Web, App, Alexa, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. We can automate each and every conversation in voice or text across multiple channels.

    [BU]: What do you Never Forget while Serving Customers?

    [AM]: Empathy is the key ingredient that we never forget while serving customers. It helps us establish friendlier relationships with customers, identify their needs and manage conflicts better — in turn; helps to increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty.

    [BU]: What are your Most Significant Achievements, and what are the Following Goals?

    [AM]: has grown into a strong global brand with awards and recognition from eminent banners like Forbes, The Economic Times, Everest Group, CB Insights, Gartner, IDC, and others.

    Renowned brands in various sectors, from E-Commerce to banking, public sector to retail, automobile to telecommunication, energy, healthcare, media, education, and manufacturing, have chosen and are pleased with the service and support.

    In the upcoming years, we want to be the world’s leading enterprise-grade conversational AI platform with a key focus on innovation.

     [BU]: How do you Market your Business?

    [AM]: We market it as “The World’s Leading Enterprise-grade Conversational AI Platform.”

    [BU]: How do you Assist your Customers in Case they are having Some Issues?

    [AM]: We’re a customer-first organization; we put the client’s needs above those of the organization and do everything we can to get them back to better and back on their feet,

    [BU]: What would you Suggest to Young People who Aspire to become Entrepreneurs or Start Independently?

    [AM]: I suggest that young people drive a sense of ownership in delivering sustainable business practices & Challenge themselves to do better day in and day out.

    [BU]: How do you Plan to Serve the World with Automation or AI in the Upcoming Years?

    [AM]: We want to serve the world by constantly innovating & delivering world-class products with a touch of empathy.

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