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    For the last few years, the price of petrol in India is constantly rising, making it impossible for many to afford cars. Parallelly, CNG powertrains are gaining popularity day by day. With, the CNG from Maruti Suzuki Swift is getting appreciations. The car is currently leading as one of the best Indian CNG cars under 10 lakh.

    Why chose CNG over EV?

    The primary reason is that CNG is less expensive. People these days prefer compressed natural gas or electric powertrains as alternative fuels. While EVs can’t be the first preference for buyers due to lack of charging infrastructure, CNG-powered vehicles won the race. Many Indians today prefer CNG-powered four-wheelers over gasoline or electric cars. The most beneficial thing about CNG is that it can run with regular fuel after running out of CNG. CNG cars are not so expensive either.

    swift cng has already started expanding as one of the most powerful and sportiest CNG-powered hatchbacks.

    Let’s explore further to know the features and benefits of the new CNG-powered maruti Suzuki car.

    Limitless heart

    If you wonder why has excited people, it’s because the car’s limitless heart. The K12C engine runs twing injectors for a cylinder (DualJet) and Dual VVT for intake and exhaust value. The 1.2 liter K12C enables it to produce a thrilling experience of driving with:-

    • 43 Bhp of peak power
    • 5 Nm of peak torque

    The engine of swift cng is known for its brilliant refinement and quietness at idle state. When at idle state, you can hardly understand that the engine is running.

    Stunning looks

    No matter what your budget is, when you are buying a car, looks matter. You don’t need to worry at all with this CNG car model from Suzuki. Keeping up with the traditions of the car brand, this vehicle has also taken the sporty looks to a newer level. While the aggressive colors and the squat stance catch all the attention, you will also have:-

    • Sporty Mesh Grille
    • Bold Chrome Accents
    • Projector headlamps
    • Daytime running LEDs
    • LED tail lamps
    • Sculpted boot lid

    Greenest swift

    As per the car experts, this is the greenest Swift that maruti Suzuki has built till date. Imagine that you are experiencing a tremendous car ride with all the fun and sport, but without harming the environment. Doesn’t it sound great? The car model has an ARAI certified mileage figure and is the most fuel-efficient vehicle among the CNG-powered cars in India. As a result, you have to visit the CNG refueling station fewer times and you can save time and money. Due to its clean nature of burning fuel, the car emits very little tailpipe. So, the car is for all, including who love fun and who love environment.

    Fast and flexible for adventures

    You can comfortably drive the car on CNG on the city roads whereas it takes you to far flung places during a road trip. You can flick a switch to shift to the petrol mode and ensure extra fun.

    Moreover, there is an S-CNG kit, which is factory-fitted, to keep you relaxed. It offers an integrated harness with a leak-proof design. The car requires no compromise with features like:-

    • Intelligent injection system
    • Retuned suspension system
    • Overall improved drivability

    Final words

    Along with, we have also guided you on the car’s exquisite design and features. It’s an environment-friendly car with highly capable engine that makes it an adventure every time you drive the car.

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