Reliance Confirms JioPhone Next Will Be Launched In Time For Diwali

    Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited. The company operates in the telecom sector and is based in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It offers services under the brand name Jio. Reliance Jio was incorporated on 28 July 2010 as a 100% subsidiary of RIL to provide digital mobile services focusing primarily on data and high-speed voice services using FDD-LTE technology. It has launched some of the cheapest data plans that are available on any network across India. The company is offering unlimited calling and SMS services for free, which is quite unheard of in the telecom industry. Moreover, Reliance Jio’s 4G LTE speeds easily beat even those of Airtel and Vodafone, two major players in the telecom space. This means that you can use your Jio SIM to access high-speed internet without paying up to four times.

    Reliance Jio has long been the upstart of India’s telecom market. After becoming one of the first-mover advantages in 2017, Reliance Jio’s growth is expected to be strong through 2021 Jio will launch its new smartphone in 2021 which supports 4G LTE technology and can access the internet on 2G/3G/4G networks with an external modem dongle. The phone also comes with a physical keyboard and a trackpad as well as support for stylus pens. The price range of these phones starts from Rs 999 [For the keypad ones]. One of the new launches of Jio Reliance is JioPhone Next.

    JioPhone Next Launching in India

    This year on 4th November, during Diwali, Reliance Jio launched its brand-new smartphone JioPhone Next in the Indian market. The price of this new product of Reliance Jio is Rs 6,499. The registration process is also quite simple for purchasing JioPhone Next. For registration, individuals only need to send ‘Hi’ to this number 7018270182 and then need to enter their name and mobile number. After that, an automatic OTP will be generated which needs to be shared only with the mentioned number for verification purposes. Then just through sharing location, it will send you the location of the nearest Jio shop around the area, from where you can pick up your new Jio phone.

    One of the most attractive factors regarding this smartphone is that it is very budget-friendly. In the current time, where to do any little thing, we need help from the internet, f every person must have a smartphone. And some people cannot afford to purchase smartphones that cost 10 thousand to 15 thousand. For these people, JioPhone Next would be the perfect smartphone to purchase. Just with a payment of Rs 1,999, anyone would be able to get the new Jio phone with the EMI payment of Rs 300-600 for upcoming months to complete the total pay of Rs 6,499. Additionally, the mobile data plan and calling plans are also quite affordable. Here are the special recharge plans for JioPhone Next.

    • Always On Plan

    Rs 300 = 24 months [5GB data and talktime for 100 minutes per month]

    Rs 350 = 18 months [5GB data and talktime for 100 minutes per month]

    • XXL Plan

    Rs 550 = 24 months [2.5 GB data and unlimited voice calling for each month]

    Rs 600 = 18 months [2.5 GB data and unlimited voice calling for each month]

    • XL Plan

    Rs 500 = 24 months [2GB data and unlimited voice calling for each month]

    Rs 550 = 18 months [2GB data and unlimited voice calling for each month]

    • Large Plan

    Rs 450 = 24 [1.5GB data and unlimited voice calling for each month]

    Rs 500 = 18 months [1.5GB data and unlimited voice calling for each month]

    JioPhone Next Features

    The JioPhone Next has a wide range of interesting features such as a host of Google and Jio apps along with features like reading aloud, voice assistant, translate as well as night mode picture. This smartphone will also run an operating system powered by Google’s Android and Qualcomm’s chipset, named the Pragati operating system. Along with these it also has a dual SIM. The data service only will be provided if the smartphone has a Jio SIM card. However, users also can use other brands’ SIM cards for voice calls, but data only will be working with a Jio SIM card. JioPhone Next has Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 processor, 5.5-inch display, 13MP rear camera, 8MP front camera, Dedicated SD card and 3.5mm audio jack. Here are some more detailed specifications about the new JioPhone Next.

    Table 1

    Reliance Jio
    Table 2


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