Simerjeet Singh, the Motivational Speaker and Personal Growth Coach, Talks about His Entrepreneurial Journey with Business Upside

    Take charge of your life and career trajectory without overly relying on external stimuli.“—Simerjeet Singh

    Simerjeet Singh, a renowned motivational speaker, has empowered individuals and organisations for 15 years. He covers various topics, including leadership, innovation, and building winning cultures, working with multinational corporations like Deloitte and PwC. With over 1.6 million subscribers and 68 million+ views on YouTube, his podcast is ranked in the top 1% globally on Spotify. Simerjeet is an influential figure in the personal development space.

    He shared his entrepreneurial journey and the challenges with Business Upside. Here is the edited excerpt from the interview.

    Edited Excerpt from the Interview

    Business Upside [BU]: What is your line of work in your current position?

    Simerjeet Singh [SS]: As a motivational speaker, keynote speaker, and personal growth coach, my role in the professional landscape is to ignite the spark within individuals and organizations, empowering them to reach their full potential. I believe in the power of change, innovation, and cultivating a growth mindset to navigate our complex, ever-evolving world.

    For esteemed business leaders and C-suite executives, crafting clear, inspiring, and engaging messages for their teams is paramount. Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with some of the world’s most renowned multinational corporations. This journey has gifted me with a unique ability to understand the intricacies of diverse audiences, enabling me to deliver powerful, resonant messages that drive tangible results.

    My keynote addresses have breathed new life into conferences, leadership retreats, annual strategy meetings, sales kickoffs, town hall meetings, and team-building events, fostering a renewed sense of purpose and direction for those in attendance.

    Throughout my career, I’ve explored many topics in my speeches and workshops, including leadership excellence, the future of work, building winning cultures, and harnessing the power of innovation.

    I’ve had the privilege of gracing the stages of some of the world’s most influential companies, such as Deloitte, Tata Steel, PwC, Indian Oil, and Emirates National Oil Company. Each engagement has presented a unique opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impact on the lives and businesses of my audience.

    Beyond the stage, my commitment to uplifting and energising people extends to my YouTube channel, where over 1.6 million subscribers and 68 million+ views bear witness to the engaging motivational videos and personal development tips I share. My podcast, which enjoys a dedicated listenership spanning 107 countries, was ranked in the top 1% most shared globally on Spotify in 2022.

    [BU]: Express your passion for this occupation

    [SS]: My passion for my current occupation as a keynote motivational speaker and personal growth coach is multifaceted and deeply rooted in the transformative experiences I’ve been fortunate to be a part of throughout my journey.

    One aspect that fuels my passion is the unique opportunity to develop a bird’s eye view of various industries by partnering with business leaders from diverse sectors, addressing and solving various challenges. This breadth of experience and depth of expertise as a professional speaker not only enriches my understanding of the global business landscape but also keeps me inspired and motivated to continue learning and growing alongside those I work with.

    Additionally, I am passionate about the opportunity to add value to the organisations I collaborate with. It is an immense privilege to play a role in shaping the corporate culture of companies, offering insights and advice for course correction and, ultimately, helping drive positive change and growth. It is this impact on both individuals and organisations that keep me excited and committed to my work.

    Furthermore, my passion extends beyond the stage and into the digital realm, where I can share my knowledge through short, inspiring posts on social media, videos, and podcasts. This continuous engagement allows me to connect with a broader audience, providing valuable insights and inspiration to individuals from all walks of life.

    In essence, my passion for my occupation stems from the deep sense of fulfilment I derive from making a difference in the lives of others, fostering positive change, and contributing to the ongoing growth and development of both individuals and organisations. It is a calling that keeps me motivated and energised, and I look forward to every opportunity to continue sharing my insights and experiences with the world.

    [BU]: How do you represent your idea and guidance towards the audience as a keynote speaker?

    [SS]: As a keynote speaker, my approach to conveying ideas and guidance to my audience revolves around a few fundamental principles rooted in the belief that simplicity, relatability, and engagement are instrumental in fostering lasting impact.

    Firstly, I specialise in breaking down complex ideas and concepts into simple, memorable nuggets of information that resonate with my audience. You will rarely find complex slides in my presentations or intricate jargon in my vocabulary. Instead, I prioritise clarity and accessibility, ensuring everyone in attendance quickly understands my messages.

    Visuals play a crucial role in my presentations, as they enhance the learning experience and help anchor essential concepts in the minds of my audience. Using impactful images and illustrations, I aim to create an engaging visual landscape that complements my words and reinforces my messages.

    Experiential learning is another cornerstone of my approach as a keynote speaker. I strive to make my presentations informative but also fun, relatable, and memorable. By incorporating interactive elements, such as group activities and real-life examples, I facilitate a deeper connection between my audience and the ideas I share, ensuring they leave with valuable insights they can apply in their personal and professional lives.

    Furthermore, I invest considerable time researching the companies I work with, delving into their aspirations, history, and ambitions. This understanding allows me to tailor my content to better align with their unique needs and objectives, ultimately helping them accelerate their journey toward their desired destination.

    In essence, my role as a keynote speaker is to create a compelling, engaging, and relatable experience for my audience that not only imparts valuable knowledge but also inspires them to take meaningful action in their lives and organisations.

    [BU]: What do you expect your listeners will choose to do differently after hearing your presentation?

    [SS]: After hearing my presentation, I hope that my listeners embrace a few key changes in their personal and professional lives. Firstly, I aim to provide them with an opportunity for self-reflection, instilling greater clarity and self-awareness. By engaging with my interactive keynotes, I hope they come to know themselves better and develop a deeper understanding of those around them.

    Moreover, I endeavour to equip my audience with a roadmap of the next few steps they can take to continue their growth journey. Drawing on time-tested advice on self-growth and leadership, my presentations are designed to inspire action and encourage listeners to make tangible progress toward their goals.

    In summary, my aspiration as a keynote speaker is to inspire my audience to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, growth, and positive change, leaving them with practical tools and insights they can apply in their day-to-day lives.

    [BU]: What inspires you to be a motivational speaker and stick along in this field?

    [SS]: My inspiration to become a motivational speaker and continue in this field is deeply rooted in my personal experiences and observations from my professional life. The beginning of my journey was fuelled by a strong desire to help others navigate the challenges I had faced myself. During life’s turbulent times, we often encounter phases of uncertainty and confusion, and I felt alone during those periods. It became my heart’s desire to ensure that others in need of sincere and genuine guidance would not feel alone and that they would have a speaker, mentor, and guide like me to rely on.

    As for organisational excellence, during my eight-year-long stint in the hospitality industry, I noticed that many brilliant ideas were never implemented because they were never heard. Therefore, I aspired to become a leadership trainer to coach other leaders in creating cultures where ideas are welcomed, heard, implemented, and rewarded.

    The question of how I’ve stuck with this field can be answered simply: when you genuinely love what you do, it no longer feels like hard work. Even if you invest 80 hours a week, it still feels fun, challenging, fulfilling, and satisfying because you are following the path your heart desires. I began my journey as a professional motivational speaker in 2007, and over the past 15 years, I have never looked back. The ability and opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others through my words, podcasts, videos, and keynotes have helped me remain steadfast in this field.

    As I look ahead, I may take on additional roles, but I will always be a coach, teacher, guide, and mentor for those who need one. This unwavering passion for helping others has inspired me to become a motivational speaker and continue in this rewarding and impactful field.

    [BU]: Have you faced any worst situations while taking the biggest risk in your life?

    [SS]: In pursuing a meaningful life, especially when breaking away from mainstream career paths and embracing something unconventional, one inevitably faces challenging situations. Carving out a niche for oneself, securing a steady income, building a regular roster of clients, and establishing credibility in a new field requires substantial hard work and perseverance.

    Throughout my 15-year journey, I have encountered numerous difficulties, but I have never regretted my decision to embark on this path. However, one particularly challenging moment stands out: Three years after leaving the hospitality industry, I received a job offer as the general manager of a mid-sized hotel, complete with a comfortable monthly income, an apartment, and a car. Despite the lucrative nature of the offer and the fact that my new career was still in progress, I chose to stick to the journey I had started and see it through.

    This decision meant relying on my savings, and there was a point when my finances were stretched so thin that even the direct debit for my monthly LIC instalment of Rs. 3,500 did not go through due to insufficient account balance. It was a difficult period, but it reinforced my determination to continue pursuing my passion and making a difference in the lives of others. Ultimately, facing and overcoming such challenges has only strengthened my resolve and commitment to my chosen path.

    [BU]: What is your mission for the next 5 years?

    [SS]: Over the next five years, my mission is centred around growth and consolidation, enhancing my expertise and expanding my global presence. I aim to strengthen my subject matter expertise and ability to connect with large audiences through keynotes, specialising in areas such as innovation, the future of work, embracing change, leadership, excellence, growth mindset, and self-development. Additionally, I plan to further establish my international presence, particularly in North America.

    These five years will be devoted to consolidating the wealth of information, knowledge, and experiences I have gathered. Furthermore, I firmly intend to author a book or a series of books during this time, sharing my insights and expertise with an even wider audience. So, keep an eye out at your nearest bookstore for upcoming releases by Simerjeet Singh as I continue my mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals and organisations across the globe.

    [BU]: What will be your one piece of advice for our audience to be motivated?

    [SS]: My advice for staying motivated is to view motivational talks, videos, books, and movies as catalysts or triggers but ultimately take charge of your life and career trajectory without overly relying on external stimuli.

    The human body and mind are capable of remarkable feats when we discover our purpose and our actions align with that purpose. Once you’ve done the essential inner work, motivational talks, videos, and books can help accelerate your chosen path.

    However, even self-help books demand that you help yourself. They serve as guides, but it is ultimately up to you to cross the bridge to a better tomorrow. Coaches and mentors can assist you, but you must walk the path alone.

    So, be prepared to push yourself outside your comfort zone and never underestimate your capacity to do great things. Embrace the responsibility of charting your course, and use external motivation as an additional tool to fuel your progress toward a fulfilling and successful life.

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