Skill-Based Learning is Offered for Free to Gig Workers and their Children by Online Food Delivery App Swiggy

    On Tuesday, Swiggy, the online food delivery app unveiled a skill project that will provide thousands of delivery executives and their kids with free educational possibilities.

    Food tech startup Swiggy has introduced a multiskilling and bilingual learning programme called Swiggy Skills Academy for its delivery personnel and their offspring.

    Teamed with Khan Academy

    To offer courses and certificates through its Skills Academy, Swiggy has teamed with Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organisation.

    The organisation has also partnered with Google to deploy Read Along, a speech-based reading tool, to help children of delivery partners improve their reading skills.

    With Swiggy Skills, we have taken a stride in fulfilling our duty to our executives with the emphasis of creating an opportunity for their growth and progress, stated Girish Menon, Swiggy’s Head of Human Resources.

    Free Learning Courses and Development Programmes

    Employees working as delivery drivers for Swiggy can take advantage of free learning and development programmes. Over 24,000 children of Swiggy partners have now registered for access to educational information, the corporation claims, and the scheme will help them finish their education.

    How the Online Food Delivery App Came Up with this Idea?

    A recent investigation found that most gig workers in India are young, struggling financially, and uninsured and that these “gigs” quickly become long-term commitments.

    Through the delivery partner app of Swiggy, the courses—which span subjects including English, IT, personal finance, and computer skills—are accessible. Additionally, long after the delivery partner has left Swiggy, their children, nieces, and nephews can utilise the website to get professional coaching.

    The academy will also provide courses in such fields for those considering taking on new positions with Swiggy, including a fleet manager or team lead. Employees who complete these courses will also be certified by several national institutions and governmental organisations with which Swiggy works.

    The SoftBank-backed company collaborates with colleges and universities to help staff members complete their matriculation, intermediate schooling, higher education, or professional certifications.

    The online food delivery app has experienced delivery worker strikes over the past several months in several major cities in opposition to poor pay and unfavourable working conditions, coinciding with the program’s start. In just a few days after its launch, Swiggy Skills Academy has enrolled 24,000 kids.

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