Skin Whitening Home Remedies: Get Glowing Skin

    In this beauty-conscious world, people, specially women leave no stone unturned in getting radiant and flawless skin. The market is flooded with so many ways and means to lighten and brighten your skin. From professional treatments to skincare products, the options are innumerable for you. Among all the options, there are several natural remedies that you can use to whiten your skin. Skin whitening home remedies are effective and safe options to get you get whitened skin. A few home remedies for skin whitening are described below.

    What is Skin Whitening?

    Melanin is an essential chemical that determines the skin colour. This is a pigment which is produced by melanocytes in skin. Factors like hormonal changes, sun exposure, genetics and environmental influences greatly impact the production of melanin. This contributes to having an uneven skin tone and pigmentation issues. The purpose of skin whitening is to control the melanin production which in-turn results in getting a brighter complexion.

    Skin Whitening Home Remedies

    • Lemon Juice

    Lemon juice with its vitamin C is an excellent natural bleaching agent. It thus lighten blemishes and dark spots. Cut a fresh lemon juice and squeeze it juice to apply it on skin with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it there for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with water. If you have a sensitive skin, then you should mix some water to dilute the lemon juice to avoid irritation.

    • Turmeric Mask

    Turmeric has some of the best skin-brightening properties. This is why people have been using this product for centuries. Make a paste of yogurt or milk with turmeric powder and then apply it on your face. Leave the paste on face for 15-20 min and then rinse it off. It will lighten your skin. This also gas some antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

    • Raw Potato Slices

    Raw Potato has vitamin C and enzymes that reduce dark circles and lighten your skin. Take some potato slices, put them on affect skin, and keep them for 10-15 minutes daily. Daily use will visibly improve your skin texture and tone.

    • Milk and Honey Mask

    Milk with its lactic acid perfectly exfoliates your skin and effectively promotes cell turnover. And honey is great for its antibacterial properties and moisturising. Make a mix of these two (1:1 ratio) and apply the paste on your skin. Leave the paste there for 20-30 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

    • Aloe Vera Gel

    Aloe Vera Gel is an amazing ingredient that has so many healing and soothing properties. Take out the fresh Aloe Vera gel from its leaf and then apply on your skin. Leave it there on your skin for the whole night to get the maximum benefits. This fades pigmentation and scar and effectively lightens your skin.

    Tips and Precautions to Follow

    While following the above described natural home remedies, you must follow some skin whitening tips and precautions described below.

    • Patch Test

    Before applying any product on your skin, you need to do a patch test on a small region of your skin to check whether it has any sensitivity or allergic reaction.

    • Sun Protection

    You should wear sun protection to protect your skin from its harmful effects. Other sun exposure can cause pigmentation issue and affect skin whitening treatment.

    • Be Consistent

    While following the natural home remedies, you need to be consistent with it. It is important to be consistent and patient with your skincare routine if you truly want to experience visible results.

    • Nutrition and Hydration

    You need to have a good nutrition. So it is better to maintain a balanced diet which should be rich in vegetables, fruits and antioxidants to nourish your body. And you must drink plenty of water every day.

    • Consult a Dermatologist

    It is always better to consult a dermatologist to have a routine skin check-up. This way you will have a personalized treatment advices and options


    Achieving a radiant and bright skin takes a lot of effort from your end. You need to have a good diet, drink plenty of water and follow some treatment. Following natural whitening homemade remedies are the best options to follow. By following the above described skin whitening home remedies, you will be able to get brighter and smoother skin. Just ensure to have a holistic approach to comfort and soothe your skin.

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