Smart Shopping Tips: Strategies for Finding the Best Inverter Price for Home

    Since power outbreaks have become prominent, selecting a suitable power backup system has also become necessary for homes and workplaces. Shopping for the best inverter for your home is an easy task. In fact, with the wealth of information related to smart shopping tips, you can get the best inverter price for a home under a budget. On the contrary, too many power solution companies advertising their products as best can create confusion for the users. Therefore, we bring forth a few tips that will assist you in getting the best inverter price for home.

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    Key Factors to Remember While Purchasing an Inverter for Home

    Inverter Type

    Before heading to the store and buying an inverter for your home, considering the available options must be the first thing you should consider. There are mainly two types of inverters that are suitable for home use. They are as follows:

    • Pure Sine Wave Power Backup System

    This inverter type is one of the most suitable for power backup at home. Besides helping to continue the operations of multiple devices, it can help run power-hungry appliances. Pure sine wave inverters are available for homeowners to buy under a budget-friendly range.

    • Square Wave Power Backup System

    The square wave power backup system is an ideal pick for reliable backup power due to its efficient power output. It is compatible with a wide range of appliances, ensuring uninterrupted power supply. Moreover, it is a cost-effective option for homeowners looking for a budget-friendly inverter price.


    The first and foremost factor influencing ‘inverter price for home’ after its type is the power backup system’s size. With an increase in the size of the inverter, its price may also rise along with it.

    Power and Load Capacity

    The next thing to consider is its power and load capacity. Determine the inverter’s required power to ensure you don’t exceed the budget. You can select an inverter that matches your requirements by accurately assessing your power needs without overspending. Identify the electrical devices and appliances you wish to power during a power outage.

    While calculating the total power load, considering the surge power requirements is essential. Ultimately, it will allow you to get a low inverter price for your home.

    Battery Type

    Another essential aspect to consider when purchasing home inverters is checking the battery type. Inverter prices for homes may vary depending on their battery type. Generally, there are four types of inverter batteries: tubular, gel, lead acid, and Lithium-ion.

    • Lead acid batteries are rechargeable in inverters and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. They store and deliver electrical energy during power outages or when an alternative power source is required. Moreover, they utilise lead plates immersed in sulphuric acid to generate electricity.
    • Tubular inverter batteries are high-power inverter batteries that are reliable for backup power solutions. Their unique tubular-positive plate construction gives them several advantages over conventional flat plate batteries. It is usually made of lead oxide and lead peroxide, offering improved durability, a longer life span, and better performance.
    • Gel inverter batteries are sealed lead-acid battery types that use electrolytes, which are thick gel-like substances. This sealed construction makes gel batteries maintenance-free and eliminates the need for periodic water refilling. As a result of reduced maintenance, a gel inverter price for the home proves to be a budget-friendly option.
    • Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable energy storage devices that use lithium ions to transfer electrical energy. They are lightweight, have a high energy density, and long cycle life. As a result, they offer improved performance, efficiency, and faster charging times.

    Final Words

    Considering the key factors mentioned above can help you find the best inverter price for your home. Moreover, understanding the available options of inverter and battery types also helps streamline the selection process. So, if you have all the cards to win a budget-friendly inverter, check out the power backup systems offered by Luminous today!

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