Steps of How to Use One WhatsApp Account on Two Phones

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services worldwide, with about 2 billion active users each month. Users can now utilize the same account on several devices thanks to a new upgrade. Here are step-by-step instructions for how to use one Whatsapp account on two phones.

    Can WhatsApp Be Used on Two Phones?

    No, using WhatsApp on two phones is not possible according to WhatsApp FAQs. It is only possible using some third-party applications. Users on Android had to download a third-party program called Whatscan Pro in order to utilize WhatsApp multi-devices. With the new scan function, using WhatsApp on a browser or desktop with a single account is now possible without the need for any other applications.

    For those using the most recent version of WhatsApp on Android or iPhone, the multi-device beta feature is currently available. All you have to do is make sure your operating system and WhatsApp are both updated.

    You may easily utilize your Whatsapp-linked devices on your browser or desktop with a simple QR code for WhatsApp online. Your information is allegedly kept secret by WhatsApp since it maintains end-to-end encryption for all accounts set up on different devices.

    WhatsApp Web can be used to multi-login to your WhatsApp account and is compatible with tablets, Android phones, and iPhones.

    A Full Guide on How to Use One WhatsApp Account on Two Phones

    For Android

    • Use Whatsapp on two phones, and access your WhatsApp account.
    • In the top right corner of the screen, click on the three dots to select paired devices.
    • You can now use the browser to scan the QR code after selecting Link a Device. Open WhatsApp Web on the phone you have as a backup.
    • Choose the desktop view option by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of your Chrome browser.
    • You can use WhatsApp of the same number on the backup phone by scanning the code off the screen.

    For iPhone

    • Go to your WhatsApp account on your phone.
    • Select the associated devices option under settings.
    • You may scan the QR code from the browser by selecting Link a Device and entering your phone’s password.
    • Your backup phone should open WhatsApp Web
    • Request the desktop site by clicking on the “aA font option” in the bottom left corner.
    • You can use WhatsApp of the same number on the backup phone by scanning the code off the screen.

    We think that’s it. Have you ever attempted to log into the same WhatsApp account from two different phones? If you didn’t, our guide on how to use one WhatsApp account on two phones would help you will be helpful.

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