Swati Sinha, Founder & CEO of Savanna HR, Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey

    “Startups is a mission in itself, and in that mission, my agency Savanna HR, acts as a fuel or propellant,” says Swati Sinha, Founder & CEO of Savanna HR. Swati is a recruitment consultant for fast-growing Startups and the education industry.

    Savanna HR performs the extremely significant duty of finding the best talents for a company. It intends to separate itself from regular job sites by providing quality services to various industries in recruitment.

    Swati Sinha is an ambitious person with diversified experience recruiting the best professionals. In this conversation with Business Upside India, Swati shared her entrepreneurial journey and talked about her idea of success, marketing strategies, satisfying moments, qualities she finds in employees, and her next goal.

    Edited excerpt of the Interview

    Business Upside [BU]: Why did you choose this profession?

    Swati Sinha [SS]: I incepted Savanna HR to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity. I started with hiring for the Education industry, a space I knew from the inside. And gradually, based on our quality services, we started getting work from everywhere with word of mouth.

    [BU]: Why do you think startups should reach out to you for hiring?

    [SS]: Start-ups is a mission in itself, and in that mission, my agency Savanna HR acts as fuel or propellant. A startup owner reaches us to get the best matching talent for the job, who are of a certain mindset and who gel in the whole ecosystem and take the mission onwards. Our experience of so many years enables us to attract such a workforce for them. Savanna HR has been a trustworthy HR partner to many successful Tech startups.

    [BU]: What is your formula to survive in this competitive market?

    [SS]: Providing quality service in minimum TAT. And being a trustworthy associate has helped us survive the most challenging times.

    [BU]: What do you look for in an employee?

    [SS]: Finding a good employee is like matchmaking; you must match jobseeker and employer to the utmost perfection. There should be transparency in their mutual expectations, and as a consultant, we facilitate that to the satisfaction of both of them.

    [BU]: What are some of the most important lessons that have influenced your work?

    [SS]: Listen to what your client wants, and find what they need, not what is readily available in the market. Never compromise on quality and integrity.

    [BU]: What were the biggest roadblocks or challenges you had when you first started in the profession, and how did you overcome them?

    [SS]: Getting those first set of clients who believed in us. Post that, everything started falling in place.

    [BU]: What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

    [SS]: Placing a candidate and seeing them grow professionally and startups come to us as a two-member team and seeing them grow and become a full-fledged organisation. Knowing in our hearts that we had a small contribution too.

    [BU]: How did you plan to provide better results in a crisis?

    [SS]: We have our set process and stick to that in the toughest of situations. Our patrons and clients, too, stayed with us during the pandemic, and we kept doing our job like other days.

    [BU]: What is the next goal you wish to accomplish?

    [SS]: We always have some new Startups waiting to turn into unicorns, and we are continuously finding the top talent for them. Our forever goal is to make every such Startup prosper in its journey.

    [BU]: How do you define success?

    [SS]: Success for us is matching that rare talent and placing them in a job where they act as a catalyst of success for each other.

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