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    The 3 Best Spreadsheet Software Tools in 2022

    In addition to making spreadsheet usage simple, the best spreadsheet software enables team collaboration on the same files. Many firms manage, present, and alter data using spreadsheets. Finding the best spreadsheet software depends on which characteristics are most crucial for the desired activity because every firm has distinct needs.

    Some necessities must be addressed, and not all possibilities are sufficient. The best spreadsheet programmes will include exciting graphs and charts that are simple to make and customise and will be user-friendly, adaptable, and feature-rich. These functionalities must exist since cooperation has become an essential component of the modern workplace.

    So, listed below, we will discuss the features of spreadsheets and which are the best spreadsheet programmes currently on the market.

    What is a Spreadsheet Programme Used For?

    To store, organise, and analyse data, spreadsheet software is employed. Although spreadsheets can also record addresses and contact details, the data that is entered is often numerical. Spreadsheets use formulae or functions that you define and alter. Let’s take the scenario on spreadsheet software examples where you use a spreadsheet to monitor your spending per budget.

    Features of Spreadsheet

    Most people associate spreadsheets with data entry and straightforward computations. But current spreadsheet software goes beyond a simple accounting programme.

    • Columns and rows

    The grid arrangement of rows and columns in a spreadsheet allows for the clean organisation of your data into a single, simple-to-read area.

    • Functions and formulas

    You can create custom formulas in a spreadsheet to gain insight into your data. Many of these features can be utilised and presented with ease by creating a personalised formula or function or by selecting one of the pre-set alternatives provided by the software.

    • Filtering and Visualising Data

    You can construct tables, dropdown lists, filters, and other tools to arrange the data in your spreadsheet.

    • Specific Formatting

    You may easily add headers, merge cells into larger boxes, apply different formatting to separate information, and change the overall appearance of your spreadsheet with just a few clicks.

    3 Best Spreadsheet Software

    1. Microsoft Excel

    Want to know which electronic spreadsheet software is used for automated calculations? Microsoft Excel has approximately 400 different operations and was created specifically for editing data. Finding what you’re looking for is simple using the formula autofill feature, and the parameters tooltip serves as a helpful mnemonic. Although it lacks definitions as Google Sheets does, the Formula Builder fills this role admirably with its thorough descriptions

    2. Google Sheets

    When it comes to crunching numbers, Google Sheets is surprisingly capable. For most businesses that wish to organise data and carry out fundamental activities, Sheets will do the trick even though it doesn’t have as many sophisticated capabilities as Excel, such as what-if scenarios. The Google team gave usability a lot of consideration. For example, formula tooltips offer definitions and arguments, an improvement over Excel.

    3. LibreOffice

    Calc, the spreadsheet programme included with LibreOffice, offers many valuable features, but there are better options for group projects. Real-time co-authoring is not supported, and there needs to be more cloud support. However, LibreOffice is a good option if you seek a comprehensive, cost-free tool for your projects.

    If you need advanced tools, you can realise that a premium platform is much more valuable when choosing the best spreadsheet software which is easy to download and use. Sometimes free and budget software can only provide basic possibilities.

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