The 4 Best Tourist Places in South Indian Hill Station Yercaud

    Are you travelling to South India? Do you wish to discover Yercaud? Are you seeking a family holiday with leisure, extravagance, adventure, and pleasure? Find out the top tourist attractions in Yercaud.

    The Tamil Nadu hill station of Yercaud is ready to welcome you with its unmatched beauty and the serenity of Mother Nature. Being a pristine vacation spot, it offers a variety of enjoyable activities to enjoy quality time with loved ones.

    Shevaroy Hill is home to this region of orange groves, coffee plantations, fruit orchards, and spice farms. If you want to stay in Yercaud, you can travel to nearby cities such as Salem, Swamimalai, Hosur, Erode, Namakkal, etc.

    How to Go to Yercaud?

    The railroad station closest to Yercaud is Danishpet (DSPT). But the main station is Salem (SA) Train Station, 22 km from Yercaud.

    As Salem Airport is 38 kilometres away from Yercaud Tamil Nadu, it is also a nearby airport. Due to its proximity to Yercaud—168 kilometers—Tiruchirappalli International Airport is another option.

    Most nearby towns and cities have bus services to Yercaud. It would be enjoyable if you were willing to drive yourself around the 32 km loop road.

    The Top Attractions in Yercaud Hill Station

    Yercaud Hill Station is a popular summertime tourist attraction, yet it still needs to be discovered by visitors. This is a list of some of the top Yercaud tourist places Tamil Nadu

    1. Yercaud Lake

    For stunning panoramic views of the mountains and lush green plains, go to Yercaud Lake. In addition to experiencing tranquillity, you may satisfy your appetite at the lakeside bistros and restaurants.

    This is one of the reasons that both culinary and environment enthusiasts are drawn to this area. You can take many pictures while riding a boat on the lake

    2. Road Trip in a 32-Km Loop

    This 32 km circle road features curves that resemble U-turns with barriers across both sides. Only drive here if you are confident in your driving ability. One of the nicest things to do in Yercaud is hiking nearby.

    3. Pagoda Point

    The Yercaud Tamil Nadu, is surrounded by beautiful tourist attractions, and you can see the most of the hills from here. The four loads of shingles piled up like a pyramid at this location, about five kilometres from Yercaud’s bus stop, have earned it the name Pyramid Point. For the greatest views, come here during the day.

    4. Rose Garden & Silk Farm

    It would be an informative and entertaining visit. You will be fascinated to learn more about the various roses varieties through the garden’s colourful roses.

    Also, you get to learn more about how they breed. In a similar vein, you will learn more about the value of raising silkworms and learning how to make silk from their sheaths.

    Wrap Up

    At the height of 1515 metres above sea level, this “Land of Seven Forest” is prepared to welcome you in the summer. It is advised to book vacations in Yercaud between October and June. A seven-day Summer Festival in May includes boat races, carnivals, dog shows, and flower exhibitions

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