The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Service of 2022

    The top GPS fleet tracking services make managing your car fleet and other mobile assets straightforward and uncomplicated. Since the emergence of satellite GPS technology can offer tracking data plus cloud computing services that provide a simple means to provide that in a single easy-to-use SaaS platform, fleet tracking was never easier. As a result, the GPS fleet tracking app is an indispensable tool for managing a company’s automotive assets. Fleet tracking apps offer crucial information for monitoring, maintenance management, tracking, status reporting, fuel economy, and driver behavior. Furthermore, the information gathered can assist in federal and state compliance.

    Best GPS fleet tracking services

    1. Samsara

    Samsara provides a single fleet tracking app that extends beyond simple GPS monitoring to include dash cams, wireless refrigeration sensors, and a documents app enabling digitizing the distribution process. Overall, Samsara provides a wide range of fleet management features that may be purchased as a bundle or as separate services. However, even if it complies with the EDL, be sure it can manage any work-time exclusions that may apply to your company.

    2. ATTI

    Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc. (ATTI) provides a basic GPS fleet tracking service that tracks vehicle whereabouts, usage, driver behavior, fuel usage, and potential maintenance concerns, all to increase productivity and efficiency. ATTI provides several typical functions. While their hardware isn’t the easiest to set up, it isn’t the most complicated, and the software platform is typically straightforward.

    3. US Fleet Tracking

    US Fleet Tracking is a producer and distributor for vehicle fleet tracking systems, with various hardware solutions to suit a variety of vehicle requirements. They may give simple “snap and track” gadgets that don’t require any wires, a variety of three-wire devices, and a variety of accessories. Even though US Fleet Tracking apps offer a variety of hardware alternatives that must be purchased in advance, they all follow one among two plans: the first delivers updates every 10 seconds while the vehicle is in operation. In contrast, the other offers updates every five seconds.

    4. Geotab

    Geotab provides GPS fleet tracking services that focus on productivity, safety, fleet management, & regulatory compliance. It offers extensive and precise trip tracking and an NFC fob to identify various vehicle drivers. This makes it easy to track trips at any time, utilizing both real-time and historical information. Overall, Geotab has one of the complete feature sets among organizations on our list and is ELDS-compliant.

    5. GPS Trackit

    GPS Trackit is a GPS fleet tracking service and a fleet management software provider that provides actual vehicle tracking, numerous reports, notifications for theft detection or unauthorized movement patterns, temperature sensors for shipments, FMCSA compliance, and the ability to track from anywhere using a mobile platform solution. Overall, GPS Trackit is yet another complete solution covering all critical bases while also adding a few extra features.

    A fleet owner can decide to get any of these GPS trackers as per their choices, demands, and preferences. All of these have their own perks and benefits.

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