The RRR Song ‘Naatu Naatu’ Makes History at the Oscars 2023

    RRR song Naatu Naatu, in Telugu, created history at the 95th Academy Awards.

    The smash from the movie RRR, written by lyricist Chandrabose and composed by M M Keeravaani, took home the Best Original Song Oscar on Sunday night, becoming the first song from an Indian-made movie ever to win the category.

    Audiences worldwide have been enthralled by the RRR song‘s entrancing tempo and movement.

    India Bagged Two Oscars at the 95th Academy Awards

    India received a second Oscar for The Elephant Whisperers, which won Best Documentary Short Film. The documentary, which tells the story of a couple who care for an injured baby elephant after it becomes separated from its herd, is the first Indian production to win in this category.

    However, Naatu Naatu, a Telugu term meaning “raw” or “rustic,” was India’s major winner at Oscars 2023, though; it is a thundering song that has people all over the world bopping along to its beats.

    When the song won a Golden Globe in January, it made history as the first original song from India. Also, during the same month, it won the Critics’ Choice Award for best song.

    MM Keeravani, the song’s composer, stated the song was “the pride of every Indian” as he accepted the Oscar.

    Why the Western Audience is Drawn to the Indian Epic RRR?

    As the movie was released in the US last year, the upbeat song became a worldwide phenomenon.

    The video for the song was taken in 2021 in front of the Mariinskyi Palace, which serves as the official residence of the president of Ukraine. It depicts the film’s leading men, Ram Charan and Jr. NTR, dancing enthusiastically.

    From the Nattu Nattu RRR song download to energetic choreography served as the inspiration for several Instagram reels and social media dance trends.

    According to SS Rajamouli, the director of the movie, Natu Natu song RRR was intended to be a “fight sequence” in which two independence fighters use dancing to bring a British commander to his knees.

    Two rebels who battle British rule in India are the subject of the historical fiction known by the initials RRR—Rise, Roar, Revolt.

    India Celebrates the RRR Song’s Historic Golden Globe Victory

    One of the most expensive movies made in India is the breathtaking action epic. For 15 days, 150 dancers and a 200-person team put in 12 hours daily to film the song.

    Many allusions to Indian folk music from Telugu-speaking regions can be heard in the RRR song.

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