The Ultimate Trendsetting Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

    Among the plenty of options available, taper fade is one of the most popular and versatile hairstyles. This hairstyle continues to captivate the heads and hearts of style-conscious men around the globe. If you wish to explore different kinds of taper fade haircuts and hairstyles, then you will get to know them here.

    Low Taper Fade Haircut: What is It?

    Lowe fade taper is a popular men’s hairstyle in which the hair is cut short near the neck and gradually fades up to longer on top. This graduated look creates a nice mix of texture. This hairstyle works fine with various styles, such as messy look, faux hawk, slick back, quiff, comb-over, pompadour, etc. One great thing about this hairstyle is that it complements various face shapes.

    9 Best Taper Fade Hairstyles

    Due to its versatility, taper fade haircuts are popular among men. This haircut works well with individuals of any height or face shape. Below are a few of the popular low taper fade hairstyles.

    1. Low Taper Fade Straight Hair

    For straight hair, it offers a much-needed definition. The low fade taper makes the hair look more pronounced. One can accentuate the top with a layered haircut. Moreover, applying texturing products for a structured and voluminous look will also be helpful. Hence, if you have straight hair, you can opt for this taper fade hairstyle without a second thought.


    • You need to consider the fade level in taper fade. Deciding how dramatic the fade will be is also essential. High or mid taper creates a defined contrast,while low taper is subtle.
    • Do not use styling productsbefore the haircut, as this will make it difficult for the barber to cut the hair.
    • You can experiment with parts and volume in these haircuts.
    • Regulartrims (once every few weeks) are recommended to maintain a sharp look.

    2. Low Taper Curly Hair

    If you have curly hair, this specific haircut will suit you. The texture is the main aspect of this hairstyle. It combines curls and tight coils to streamline the low taper fade. You get defined ringlets against super short backs/sides. One can opt for finger coiling the loose curls, which offers an additional spring-loaded shape. The edges are touched up, and the napes are closed with clippers.


    • Hydration is the key to a taper fade haircut. Keep your hair hydrated a few days before the haircut.
    • Washing your hair before the haircut will also be helpful,as your barber will be able to see your hair’s natural curl pattern.
    • You should embrace the volume because this hairstyle looks best with natural volume.
    • In this taper fade haircut, optfor less frequent trims. Trimming once every 6-8 weeks after the haircut is more than enough.

    3. Low Taper Fade Fluffy Hair

    This taper fade haircut is another popular haircut, perfect for fluffy hair. It effectively combines the texture and volume of hair with the coolness of a fade. Balance is the key here. It keeps the back and sides clean-cut, which balances out the fullness on top. Its fade enables your natural curls and waves to shine, adding a touch of personality to your style.


    • You should find an expert barber to get this haircut. The barber should understand your hair texture.
    • Opt for a point-cuttingtechnique to avoid blunt ends and maintain texture in taper fade.
    • Leave proper length on top to enable your hair to be styled and fluffy.
    • Communicate with your barber throughout the haircut session for the best haircut results.
    • Opting for deep conditioning is good for maintainingthe hair after the haircut. 

    4. Blowout Taper Fade

    Blowout taper fade is for those guys who want to keep the sides of their hair neatly trimmed and have more volume on top. If you pull off this look, you will require a powerful hair dryer and a volumizing hair product. This hairstyle combines practicality and style. The ‘blowout’ refers to the hairstyle upwards, creating texture and volume. This is quite a versatile hairstyle that needs low maintenance. This is one of the most famous men’s haircuts that has recently turned heads.


    • Hair length matters. Hence, you need to discuss hair length with the barber. Proper length is neededto achieve volume during the blowout of this taper fade.
    • During the haircut,opt for a clipper-over-comb technique to ensure a seamless This will blend well with the blowout.
    • Purchase an excellentround brush and blow dryer.

    5. Parted Faux Hawk Taper

    This taper fade hairstyle promotes precision and audacity. It also features a dramatic contrast between skin-tight fade at the sides and spiked top. If you wish to make a standout statement with a hairstyle, this classic hawk taper fade is the perfect option.  It combines edgy vibes with a touch of sophistication. The hair on top is styled upward in a ridged or pointed manner. With this hairstyle, you can fully express yourself. The versatility remains supreme with this hairstyle.


    • Opt for gradual shortening of the back and sides to ensure a smooth fade. It will thus bend better with the hair on top.
    • Youshould communicate with the barber during the haircut to get proper parts and fade.
    • You also need to discuss the texturing techniques with your barber.

    6. Tapered Buzz Cut

    Tapered buzz cut is a classic haircut that has been a popular preference of men for ages. This low-maintenance and versatile haircut complements different hair types and face shapes. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a busy professional, getting this haircut will be a good option for you. In this haircut, a gradual shortening of hair on the back and sides of the head is featured. This offers you a polished and clean look.


    • You must discussthe length and fade level of this haircut with your barber. Considering aspects like hair type and head shape is essential.
    • While talkingwith the barber, be specific about your requirements and preferences. You must convey what kinds of clean lines and fading techniques you want.
    • Formaintenance, you can schedule trims every 4-6 weeks to maintain clean fade lines.

    7. Low Taper Bowl Cut

    This haircut is a modern and stylish take on the classic bowl-cut style. It features a rounded top with a tight back and sides tapered down to the skin. This promotes a contract between sleek sides and volume on top. If you prefer to have a high-fashion but wearable haircut with an edgy cropped out, then a low-taper bowl cut is the perfect option for you to consider.


    • Find a professional and expert barber to get the best low taper fade bowl cut.
    • You can also discuss your hair type and whether this haircut would look good. 

    8. Low Taper Fade Short Afro

    This is one of those hairstyles that effectively combines modern edge with classic cool. If you have afro-textured hair, then this is the perfect haircut for you to consider. The back and sides are shortened towards the neckline, which creates a sharp and clean contrast with the afro on top. It keeps the faded section subtle. This stylish and versatile haircut suits almost all face shapes.


    • Look for a barber who knows about this taper fade Afro haircut. Understanding the Afro texture and fading correctly is essential.
    • Keep this haircut natural. To get a hassle-free look,embrace the natural texture of an afro.
    • Keep your hair hydrated before this haircut.

    9. Taper Fade with Design

    Taper fade with design is another popular and modern hairstyle. This haircut is perfect for those who wish to wear confidence with their individuality. You can get any design crafted according to your preference. It would be beneficial for you to discuss this matter with your barber. Some common design options are symbols, fades, shapes, and lines.


    • Choosing the design is the most important task when gettingthis taper haircut. You can either choose a design from the barber’s options or find your own design.
    • Maintaining the design is also essential in this haircut.

    For more taper fade hairstyles visit here.


    There are various taper fade hairstyles that you can opt for. Each of such haircuts is unique and distinct. Once you get such a taper fade haircut, your look and appearance will completely transform. Doing some prior research would be helpful. Taper fade haircut has not become the trendiest haircut for men for nothing. Get this haircut today to enhance your coolness.

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