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    9 Tips for Finding Your Life Purpose

    In today’s life, everyone is busy and running after achieving materialistic goals in life like earning a huge amount of money, leading a lavish life. It is always like a competition and people are getting lost in this everyday battle. There is very little time on their hand for themselves. They are just watching each other, doing the same thing, running after wealth and social status, and just like a competition, everyone is doing the same, to see who is better at it. It seems like everyone wants the same thing; they do not have any purpose in life. They don’t know how to savour little moments. 

    In order to have a proper pace and happiness in life, it is important to have a purpose in life. And purpose doesn’t necessarily mean ‘I have to buy this property’; ‘I have to win this. Purpose means where are you leading with your life. This means less race towards nothing but competition will lead you to a dead-end, where at the end of the day you won’t be able to find happiness or peace in life. Therefore, it is important to find your purpose in life. Here are some tips to find your life purpose.

    Your life purpose doesn’t have to be significant to others

    If you are thinking to have a life purpose that will impress others and you will get everyone’s appreciation, then ultimately it means your life purpose is pleasing others. It has nothing to do with your own life, your own peace of mind. Therefore, it is not always necessary that your life will be significant to others. What really important is that what is significant for you and if you are growing positively with it. 

    Take little steps towards your life 

    Having a purpose in life does not mean only gaining or achieving every day in the life. Life is a journey full of ups and downs. And going forward with life, embracing every little moment, either it’s bad or good is what life is about. Thus, it is important to go forward step by step rather than jumping with the motive of achieving everything all at once. Stable little steps will lead you towards long-term success in life.  

    Embrace all of yourself

    Every individual has flaws in their life, nothing is perfect. In the era of digitalization and social media, everything seems perfect, like everyone is happy and living their life to the fullest. But just a few videos and photos cannot describe your whole life, not even a whole day. There is always ‘behind the scene’ stories which no one knows. Hence, do not compare yourself to others, or only point out your weaknesses. Rather, you should accept all of your flaws and strengths altogether and empower yourself. It will give you a certain self-confidence and positive vibes which will lead you towards peace. 

    Prioritise your happiness

    In everyday life, we first think about our responsibilities towards others. Like, need to finish the assignment; need to make food for the family, need to go shopping for someone else. Yes, these things are important and we should keep them on our to-do list. But somehow, we frequently forget that we also need to eat and shopping for ‘ourselves’. So always, every day does something that makes you happy. Paint, sing, dance, go for a walk, watch a movie, talk with a loved one, read a book, anything that will bring your inner peace and happiness. 

    Pursue your career where you can find your happy self

    Everyone wants a job which will pay well means a good amount of money with proper safety and security. Most individuals work 9 to 5 jobs in the IT sector in whichever department for a secured payment every month. And among those 9 to 5 job workers, we will be able to find a great painter, cook or many other things. They just did not pursue their dream career because of a lack of career security. But the time has changed, with advanced technology and business growth, people now can pursue their dream career where they can have a secured career with the help of online business and many other job options like freelancing. Do what makes you happy. Only earning good money will be good enough for a limited period. After a certain time, it will only leave you with guilt and regret. 

    Think about yourself first before thinking about others

    In order to make others happy, it is important to first make yourself happy. In our life, we put our family members and other loved ones on the priority list first, without including ourselves in it. This long unconditional devotion towards others and taking care of them, make us feel drenched and lonely. And this led us towards various negative feelings and insecurities which starts to damage relationships. Therefore, you need to understand the fact that if you are happy and loved, only then you can spread pure happiness and love. So, love yourself first. 

    Do not stick to one place

    When we get too much comfortable with life, we think that’s it, our life is complete and we are done growing. But later, when something starts to change from that comfort zone, you feel like life is falling apart. But it is not. Life is always evolving and changing for good and bad. Therefore, it is important to always embrace the change and grow gradually. At any stage of life, after a certain time, it is important to change and grow. 

    Reinforce optimism in life 

    Every day, all individuals have to face many challenges of life and handle them efficiently. Stress, depression, anxiety is now have become a part of life which has developed many health issues. A little optimistic view of life can make a drastic change. It is not always possible to stay positive. But trying to have an optimistic mindset and look at things with a different and positive view can make life much easier and simpler. Everything doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. If we can handle a crisis situation with optimism and wit, it can be solved more easily without jeopardizing our mindset towards life.

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    Daniyel Chatterjee
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